Why Do Movers Charge Travel Time?

Many customers have questions about what travel time is, and how it is charged. Not every moving company charges this fee the same way that we do – in fact, most companies charge the actual travel time. Big City Moving’s method of applying a travel fee is designed to work in the customers’ favor. Let me explain how.

What is travel time?

Travel time generally covers the time and fuel expense incurred in getting to a job, and in returning from a job. That usually means that the closer you are to a moving company is the less that you will be charged for travel time. If you are moving out of town, it is usually best to pick a company that is somewhere between where your job will start from and where it will end.

Sometimes companies refer to this charge as travel/fuel surcharge. One thing to watch out for is that you are not being charged two separate fees for the travel and fuel. Most companies do choose to combine them into one fee. If a company has two different fields, just compare the sum total of the two to another company’s all-inclusive travel/fuel fee.

Flat Rate vs. Actual Travel Time

If you take the time to contact a few moving companies, you will discover that a majority of companies charge Actual Travel Time (sometimes referred to as Lot-to-Lot, Yard-to-Yard, or real travel time). Actual travel time is beneficial to the moving company much more than it is beneficial to the customers. The reason for this is that if the crew stops to refuel or grab coffee, if there is traffic or detours, if the crew gets lost, or for any other reason, the commute takes longer than it really should take to arrive, the charge for that time is passed onto the customer.

Big City Moving Co. charges a flat travel fee for almost every single job. What that means is that we will take the addresses that you are moving between and map them out with our mapping software. If our software says that it will be 15 minutes to get to you and 15 minutes to return, we simply charge for one half hour. If there is traffic, detours, or anything else that deters us from arriving in this time-frame, you are still only paying based on what it should have taken. That means that we eliminate the added expenses that most companies pass on to the customer.

How is the trip between my starting and ending destinations calculated?

For us, and most other companies, the trip between where we start the job and where we finish a job is simply on the clock. That means that when we arrive at your job, we will “start the clock” and have you sign off on the time for starting. When we complete the job at your new destination, we then have you sign off on the time once again, and we “stop the clock”. For us, we then add in the flat travel fee that we agreed upon when booking your job.

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