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Which Items of Furniture Should Be Moved Into Your Conservatory?

A conservatory has potential to be one of the most relaxing and pleasant rooms in the house. Conservatories are rooms that usually extend out into the back garden and which will typically have glass walls and ceilings. This means they let in a ton of light, and provides easy access to the garden: ideal for looking up at the stars, or just gazing at the birds while you enjoy a good book.

To really benefit from a conservatory though you need to think about how you are going to decorate it, and what features you are going to include. To this end there are a vast number of different items that work perfectly in conservatories and that any will benefit from. Here are some of the top things to consider for your own.

Water Feature

A water feature can mean a fountain, but if can also mean other less common features such as bubble walls and waterfalls. Either way though, these are great for making your conservatory even more relaxing and even more natural feeling.

This works on multiple levels. Of course the sound of running water for one is highly calming and can make your room feel like it’s situated in the middle of a peaceful forest scene complete with babbling brook. At the same time it can also cast a nice lighting around the room as the moving water refracts light.

Great Seating 

If you’re going to completely relax in the conservatory then you will need somewhere comfortable to sit. My parents have lazy boy armchairs in their conservatory and they’re perfect for leaning back on and just listening to the birds. Of course there are many other options – as long as you make comfort the number one concern.

Coffee Table

Of course if you really want to relax then having somewhere to stand a cup of tea or a glass of wine is a must. As you want your conservatory to promote light and space, you won’t want a large table. Coffee tables then are ideal as they allow you to see guests across the room and don’t affect the feeling of space.

Wooden Flooring

If you want to further the feeling of nature in your conservatory while at the same time avoid spending your whole life cleaning a carpet, then getting wooden flooring is a must. Sure stone flooring will have some of the same benefits, but it’s not as insulating and so not quite as homely.


You have all that sky to enjoy in your conservatory so why not make the most of it by setting up a telescope by the door. Watching the stars is a great hobby and also very relaxing, and the telescopes themselves make great features for any room. Get a ‘Newtonian reflector’ if you want something cheap yet powerful enough for some serious gazing.


If you want to enjoy some relaxing and romantic lighting in the evenings then candles are perhaps the best way to do so. Our conservatory has floating candles on the table and these are brilliant for casting a shimmering and atmospheric light that isn’t too bright.

Jamie Kirk is a consultant in an Interior designing firm, he specializes in designing conservatories for modern houses and has a website of conservatory designs dedicated to help people in making their choices.

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