When Is The Perfect Time To Relocate Your Business?

planning an office moveIf you are a businessman or woman, you may find yourself thinking about relocating your business. If you own a store, you may wish to relocate towards the centre of a city where it is busier and more people will be able to come to your store. If you are a professional who owns an office then you may wish to move to a location that is bigger so that you can expand your business. No matter what the reason for relocation is, it is a big decision that requires a lot of planning and preparation.

The big P – also known as planning, is the key to every mission you embark on, no matter how small or large. By planning ahead, you will be able to succeed in a way that is least distressing and may even end up saving you some time and money!

So let us assume that you have decided to relocate your business. You are in the planning process and are answering the fundamental questions “When, why and how?” and find yourself struggling to answer the first question. Sometimes the hardest thing about planning a move is knowing when to schedule it for.

This article will provide you with all the necessary dos and don’ts that should help you pick the perfect time to relocate your business.

The key is to remove at a time when you are not busy or have a huge workload. If you own a store, chances are that it will be busy around festive occasions such as Christmas. It is therefore not a good idea to be planning a move during that time, since you will be losing out potential clients and money (which is not good for a business).

Similarly, if you are planning on having an office move when the workload is huge, you are going to have workers who will struggle to complete the work, possibly resulting in the loss of business or a client. It is therefore crucial that you try to pick a time that will not result in any major losses.

Another thing you need to consider is moving companies. Moving companies change their prices according to peak removal periods which are usually in the warmer months of the summer season. Not only is this going to be the busiest time for removers, meaning that you may not end up getting a date, but it is also the most profitable time for removers since they charge significantly more, meaning that you could end up paying more than you would during other months.

Always ensure that the moving company is available on the day that you wish to relocate offices/stores etc. This is to avoid any last minute nasty surprises. There is no use packing everything up and getting ready for a move if the moving company is not available to cater to your needs on the big day. Not only is it going to cause a loss to your business, but it will also cause frustrations amongst your team.

Planning a move is crucial to make sure that it is a success. Among answering questions such as “how should we relocate?” and “where shall we move to?” one of the most difficult decisions to make is knowing when exactly to remove all your items. There are many factors that contribute to finding the perfect time for your relocation, so make sure that you take them all into consideration before making your decision.

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