What To Expect From Furniture Delivery Services

When getting new furniture, one of the most important factors to consider is how to get it into your new house. There can be many variables to obtaining furniture; you may get large furniture that comes assembled, or your new furniture might arrive boxed and in pieces. You might have to consider the logistics of getting it up or down a difficult stairway, or you may have to consider how much effort it will be to assemble. Once you know what furniture you will be getting and from where, you will be able to talk to a furniture delivery company about your specific job.

Assembling New Furniture

While many companies who offer their own ‘in-house’ delivery, a lot of them will only deliver the items to the curb or maybe your front door. If you are obtaining new boxed furniture, you’re going to have to decide whether that is enough, or if you want to have an experienced company assemble your furniture. A lot of third-party deliverers or moving companies are happy to help with the assembly of your new furniture. You can ask the companies you speak with for what the price difference would be, and make a decision on what works best for you.

Tricky Stairways

This usually isn’t a problem with boxed furniture, but can come into play if you are having fully assembled pieces delivered to your home. A lot of times, large pieces like sofas, armoires, and box springs simply will not fit up a stairway. In this case, you’re most likely going to need to attempt a hoist up to a window or balcony on the right level of the house. This might not be an issue for many modern homes, but for the older stairways we are used to here in Boston, we wind up performing hoisting services almost every single week.

You should ask the company you speak with if they offer hoisting services if necessary. Hoisting is considered a special service, and almost always has an additional charge. Find out if the company you hire will be capable of performing a hoist if necessary, and what the cost could be if they do.

Protecting Your Furniture

No matter what condition your furniture is in when you buy it, you don’t want it to degrade due to a bad moving service. Ask your furniture delivery company what they do to protect your furniture, and what their insurance covers. Oftentimes, delivery companies only offer insurance that covers items up to $0.60 per pound. It is almost always a good idea to seek additional insurance from a third party insurer, such as Baker International.

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