What Should You Look For In A Furniture Delivery Service?

Getting new furniture into your house can be quite the challenge. Most people don’t have a large enough vehicle to fit a sofa, table, or dresser into it. Even picking up a few average dining or kitchen chairs is difficult in most cars, SUVs, or pickup trucks.

But aside from the physical door-to-door transportation, what else should you really be expecting from a furniture delivery service? Here are a few things that we think every customer should expect.


1. Furniture Removal. If you have old furniture that you don’t need anymore, you shouldn’t have to think about it after getting the new stuff. A good company will take your old unwanted furniture and recycle it for you.

2. Furniture Assembly. Assembling furniture can be a real headache! Not only can the assembly instructions be confusing, but you still need to lift and maneuver that heavy furniture while you’re building things.

3. Room Arrangement. Getting the furniture into the room isn’t enough. You’re going to want the room arranged in a way that is comfortable to you. You shouldn’t have to move things around on your own – that’s what you hire a company for anyway!

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