What Is Covered With Standard Movers Insurance?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “What is covered with standard movers insurance?” Today’s blog aims to let you know what is and what is not covered – and how much coverage you get. Standard movers insurance is what most moving companies offer if they include insurance in their rates.

Most Items Are Covered Up To $.60/Pound

Standard movers insurance will cover a majority of your items up to sixty cents per pound. It might not sound like much, but that is the standard, nation-wide coverage. That means that if the movers drop your new 3D TV, they would only be required to pay out .60/pound. That would mean only $30 for a 50lb television.

Items Not Covered

There is no legal requirement for movers insurance to cover many items. These include anything made of particle-board, lamps and lamp shades, any item that is not boxed by the moving company, and much more. The following excerpt is from a standard movers insurance policy, and would apply to any moving company offering standard movers insurance:

The following items are subject to exclusion from claims: (1) Items of extraordinary value over $1,000 that are not noted on our high value inventory. (2) Lamps, lamp shades, artwork, pictures, mirrors, statues which are not boxed by Carrier. (3) Any marble or glass, which is not crated or boxed by Carrier.(4) Items found broken in boxes that have not been packed and unpacked by Carrier. (5) Mechanical condition of audio/visual or electrical equipment, computers, and battery operated items in transit or storage. (6) Missing hardware for disassembled items, unless Carrier disassembles them. (7) Gold leaf plaster frames & chandeliers that are not crated by Carrier. (8) Pressboard or particleboard furniture. (9) Previously damaged and repaired items. (10) Previously damaged or loose veneer. (11) Furniture where original glue has dried out. (12) Any small, loose items such as keys, remote controls, etc., which are not in a box. (13) Plants (live, dried, or artificial). (14) If one item in a set is damaged, only that one item is covered by the insurance, not the entire set. 

How Can You Get More Coverage? 

For most people, there are at least a handful of items around the house that you’re going to value at significantly higher than sixty cents per pound. Some people even choose to have everything covered at actual value. To obtain this type of coverage, you would need to work directly with an insurance company. We recommend Baker International. Of course, any claims would need to be filed directly with the insurer at that point – but you would have the peace-of-mind knowing that your items are being covered for what they are actually worth.


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