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What Can We Expect on Moving Day?

Once moving day begins, the planning, packing and preparations coming ahead might feel a bit too much for comfort. Proper preparation is key to not getting overwhelmed when you need to move. As moving day arrives however all bets are off, so you need to get a good night’s sleep before you have to move. It is a good idea to get up early so you can check all tasks you need to deal with before the moving company truck shows up. If you have been spending weeks preparing you will not want to oversleep and miss having a chance to be fully awake while all of this is going on. Take your pets to your friends or family. You should pay close attention to your animals, as they can easily get stressed out by the whole ordeal. Here is what you can do before you are done with the move:

  1. Pack any last leftover items you have not boxed in yet, such as the bedding, towels and toiletries as well as anything else that wasn’t done. You should remember that proper preparation should begin at least two weeks in advance.
  2. When the moving team arrives, make sure you go around your home with them. Show them any fragile items you want handled with care, as this will help keep them safe as they are loaded. Make sure everything is clearly labeled so they would be fully aware of what they are moving.
  3. Ensure you have placed everything that doesn’t go with the movers in a different place. Make sure it is clearly marked so there would be no misunderstandings. If you are moving to your new home by car you should load all of that up in your car before the movers arrive. There are certain items companies will not move, such as chemicals, food and drinks.
  4. You need to be there at all times when the movers tag your items. This is important as you will be able to answer questions, sign documents and finish every other aspect of the move that needs to be addressed. You may also be asked if you have any special directions about your items that need to be taken into consideration.
  5. Before the truck comes by make sure you have reserved a parking spot so the movers won’t have to move any extra space. Some companies may charge you for that as they are not required to haul farther than they need to. Ensure everything has been loaded and nothing is left behind.
  6. Ensure the moving company has the correct address and give them a contact number so you can stay in touch during the move. This will be vital so you can keep track of your shipment’s progress on the road.
  7. Check your paperwork first. It is vital to keep copies of all documentation in a safe place, including a copy of your inventory list. You can also inform all the service providers you are moving away. This will allow them to move your service or discontinue it if that is what you desire.
  8. Clean up after the move so the new tenants can arrive in a decent place. Some landlords would require you to clean your home up before an actual move.
  9. Leave your contact information to your landlord or the new tenants so any leftover pieces of mail that arrive can be rerouted to your new address. You can easily omit your new address for companies sending you junk mail, since you will likely not want them pestering you.

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