Unpacking: 4 Tips To Help You Think Outside The Box

Having a successful unpacking stems from proper packing. There are a few things that you can do to make the unpacking and settling-in process easier for you. Today’s blog will give you a few tips on just that!

1. What to do before you unpack

Taking a few steps before unpacking can save a lot of time and resist you from moving your items again and again. If you clean your furniture while it’s empty, you can easily clean everything without having to move everything around. While some places will be clean upon your move-in arrival, sometimes you will need to do some vacuuming or dusting before laying down furniture or carpets.

We recommend lining your cupboard shelves before unpacking your kitchen items as well. It will help to keep your shelves cleaner later, and if you do it before you unpack, you won’t need to move anything around in order to do a thorough job.

2. Locate and organize your essential items

For most people, the unpacking process will last for at least a few days, if not weeks. Make sure that you prioritize the items that you will need while the rest of your items are still stowed away in boxes.

We recommend keeping your essentials in their own box for each room. For example, your most frequently used pots and pans and food items should be packed separately from the clothes and linens you will need.

3. Ensure your furniture is prepared for unpacking

When you’re moving, you probably have to remove the shelves from your bookcases and entertainment centers. Beds will be completely taken apart for the move. Sometimes drawers need to be removed from bureaus or other cabinets.

Before you begin unpacking the boxes, it’s best to put these furniture pieces back together. It will make things easier and everything should have a place to go once you get to the boxes.

4. Recycle or reuse your used packing supplies

Believe me – we know how much cardboard and paper product can be used for any given move. Simply throwing these items away is very wasteful. Most moving companies (including ourselves) can re-use boxes and other supplies to get some more life out of them. If you are finding it difficult to find somebody to take your used packing supplies, it is still best to recycle them so that they don’t just become trash.

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