Turning Your New House Into Your Home

Composition of various home furnishing on white shelf on green wall backgroundIf you purchased one of the 4.6 million homes sold in January of this year, according to the National Association of Realtors, then you’re probably still working to turn it into your dream home. Getting rid of signs of the old residents and adding your own touches will transform that house into a space where you are meant to be.

Your Own Refuge

While you were looking at houses to purchase, you probably visualized yourself in the house to get a sense of how it would feel. Now that you own a house, it’s time to turn it into a place you want to come home to, says Apartment Therapy. What makes your home an exciting refuge for you? Is it a place in which to relax? Do gourmet cooking? Entertain guests? Tap into that energy and start transforming your house into that place you call home.

Photo by Wickerfurniture via Flickr

Comfort and Beauty

When you look at your living room, do you see yourself sinking into a plush sofa with a book or your Kindle? Sitting in a large armchair with a cat and your MP3 player? Is it a place in which to just sit and contemplate and enjoy the beauty around you?

Get a good image of the furnished room in your mind before you go out shopping. Some people are chair and footstool types. Others prefer a couch or love seat. Is a coffee table important? Or small tables beside the chairs on which to set your coffee? Think comfort and convenience for this space.

Photo by Wickerfurniture via Flickr

What would make this a beautiful room in which to relax? An interesting painting on the wall? Start going to local artist’s shows and fall in love with a new talent. How about a large flower arrangement on a raised table against one wall? Send yourself a bouquet of seasonal flowers every other week so you always have the color and scent of flowers in your living space.

The Power of Texture

People tend to forget texture as an aspect of a home, says Freshome. Do you enjoy walking across deep carpets in your bare feet? Are you excited by the feel of textured wall paper or running your hands over wood furniture? Don’t forget that the physical feel of your home adds to its welcoming energy.

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In the bedroom, consider the feel of satin sheets or a large down-filled comforter against your skin. Perhaps you enjoy a bed full of pillows to lounge in. Patterned curtains with large textures add to the three-dimensional qualities of the room. A large rattan basket in the corner and a writing desk made of bamboo gives you a number of textures to enjoy while relaxing in this room.

Warm Colors and Fresh Scents

Make any room look more inviting by using warm tones such as brown and red or peach-orange. A mixture of these colors in the furniture, wall coverings and window treatments keep the room interesting and cozy. A large room painted and decorated with warm colors will look smaller and more intimate.

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Candles and incense provide the scent in your house that makes it uniquely yours. What memories are conjured up when you smell an ocean breeze? A floral bouquet? Citrus or cinnamon? Smell is an important trigger of memories so you want your home to always give you good ones. When the scent is just a little bit off, thoughts of your grandmother’s hydrangeas off of her front patio can turn to an undesirable reminder from the past.