Tricks To Experience A More Stress-Free Move

Coldwell Banker’s ‘Best Places to Live for Social Seekers’ lists Manhattan, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle as the top five places to live based on nightlife, entertainment and cultural experiences. Whether you are married and relocating for family and job responsibilities or single and looking for a city with a lively nightlife, moving can be a hassle. No matter the age bracket or social scene you find yourself in, here are four tricks that will help you have a stress-free move.

Time to Downsize

This is the perfect time to get rid of some extra baggage you’ve been carrying around with you. Eliminate things you haven’t used in a while, clothes that may not work in your new climate and stuff that just doesn’t make sense to take. If there are items you are unwilling to part with, use a self storage unit to store your things until you find a place for them. Storage facilities are great options if you haven’t found a permanent residence yet and are renting a furnished place until you get acclimated to the city.

Moving Your Pets to Your New Home

When moving to a new city, you want to make sure your pets will have everything they need. Remember to bring food, toys, medications and bedding along for the journey to your new city. Make sure they have all of their current shots and are wearing proper dog tags that identify them and have your new contact information visible.

Take Your Plants With You

You don’t have to leave your house plants when you move. Take them with you to spruce up your new digs. Contact a local nursery for some tips on the best way to transport them safely. One tip for a successful plant move is to secure the base of the plant’s pot by covering it completely with a plastic garbage bag and then tying it around the stem or stalk to secure it.

Research Your New City

The Internet is the perfect place to scope out your new city. You can find places to live, things to do, job opportunities, information on utilities and more. You can also see what others are saying about the area and find out what part of town you may want to live in that is close to the activities you like most.

Moving to a new city can be an exciting adventure and can provide you a great start to a brand new life of doing all of the things you love most.

Thanks to guest blogger Ashley White! Ashley is a blogger and self-described HGTV addict. She scours antique and resale shops for goodies to fill her family’s eclectic home in upstate New York.

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