The Top Mistakes People Make When Moving Home

Moving home is a rather large ordeal and one that takes a lot of time and planning. While it should of course be exciting to be moving somewhere new that will hopefully provide you with more space and/or nicer surroundings and decorating, it is also of course going to involve a lot of moving boxes, a lot of coordinating contracts, and a lot of budgeting to make things go smoothly. And this only gets a lot more stressful and complicated when something goes wrong and you find yourself with extra things to worry about. Here then we will look at some of the top mistakes people make when they move and at how you can avoid these pitfalls.

Packing Too Late:

There is nothing quite as stressful as having to pack an entire property up in a single evening or two, and if you leave packing too late then the job can be much more daunting when you finally get around to it. Much better is to start packing early so that you can do it at a leisurely pace and so that you’re all ready to go when the time comes. Designate a room for your boxes so that your packing doesn’t get in the way, the pack early.

Taking Too Much Stuff:

When you move home this is the perfect opportunity to have a ‘cull’ of your belongings and to really cut down on the things you don’t need. If you’re a hoarder this can be hard work, but actually you’ll find it’s incredibly liberating to just let go of a lot of your stuff and that it makes moving far easier. De-clutter now, and that goes for things like washing products and food – they just aren’t worth lugging around with you.

Using One Small Car:

You look around your home and think ‘there’s nothing here that won’t fit into my car’ and so you opt against using a removals company or hiring a van. In fact though when it comes down to it you’ll discover that things like your bed – even once collapsed – are not so easy to transport. To get the most from your removals van or an extra car, hire them early and pack some non-valuable items into them the night before. This way you’ll have much less clutter around the house and the first journey will be much simpler.

Having No Overlap:

Whether you’re renting or buying, it can be expensive to have an overlap between properties because it means you’ll be paying for two at the same time at some point. This might seem like a bad thing, but actually having two properties at once is very useful when it comes to moving as it will enable you to stagger your move. If you can’t organize any overlap at all on the other hand you might want to consider using a storage unit, or even a local and generous friend so that you can begin moving some of the items earlier.

Having the Wrong Containers:

The containers you use for your packing will make a big difference to every aspect of the move from the packing to the transporting. It’s very much worth investing in some heavy duty cardboard boxes then that have lids, that are well supported underneath, and that have handles. This is better than collecting free boxes from your local supermarket even if it is a bit more expensive, as the uniform nature of the boxes will mean you can stack them more easily while the handles and sizes will be designed specifically for moving home – it makes a difference.

At the same time though when it comes to other items like clothes and DVDs, don’t be above using just a black bin bag. Sure you won’t be able to stack them like this, but if the items aren’t heavy or delicate this will mean you can store lots easily and carry them around with ease too.

Not Labelling:

Labelling boxes might seem like it’s not all that important, but it can lead to problems if you find you need a book you’ve packed, or if it means you stand the delicate crockery under the books. This can help a great deal and it doesn’t take long, so just grab a pen and mark what everything is.

Making Boxes too Heavy:

What’s the worst thing to transport? It’s books right? Of course books are very heavy when combined so a case of them can be an absolute nightmare to try and shift. It needn’t be that way though – just distribute your books evenly across multiple boxes and you’ll not even notice their extra weight.



Shruti Vaghe, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger,who often writes for, Tender Touch, a moving company in Toronto. She likes to cook and read in her spare time. You can also follow her on twitter @ShrutiVaghe.