Tools, Apps and Great Gadgets for an Easier Move

Moving day box

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 36.5 million Americans packed up and moved in 2012, a 12 percent increase from 2011. If you plan to be one of those people this year, newer apps and gadgets decrease the time and energy you spend packing, organizing and planning your move. Get ready to increase your productivity by making your move smarter and faster.

Getting Ready to Move

Once you know where you are moving, there are plenty of great apps and websites to help you find the right apartment or home. You’ll find some sites focus on certain areas, and allow you to search by price range. You can find less expensive apartments from by selecting a price range before you search. Once you have your apartment, start planning how to move all of your stuff and save time.

Move Faster with these Apps

Moving Day, available for the iPhone for free, helps you keep track of everything as you pack and unpack. That makes your move so much easier, and keeps those “where did my silverware go” moments to a minimum.

You can create labels and bar codes with the app, so labeling your boxes is much simpler. When you unpack, a quick scan will tell you where the box needs to go. You can also make insurance claims much faster, and figure out what’s missing in just minutes instead of hours or days.

Moving Van, also available at the Apple App Store for $1.99, is a similar app that catalogs everything inside the box. If you plan to store your items, investigate this app’s search feature to tell you which items are where. When you have boxes going to storage, your new home and elsewhere, this app saves time and energy.

If you don’t have an iPhone but use Android, Moving Planner is an excellent option for $.99. The app has more than 200 ready-loaded items to complete and check off, like address changes, setting up cable, etc.

Start Moving Online

Some of your existing furniture might not fit into your new space. If not, you’ll want to leave it behind or sell it. Use a software program like (it offers a free 3D room planner) to determine what furniture fits in your new home and where it will go before you move in.

You can also see how new items from your favorite stores will fit into your new space. Once you know what furniture you want to sell, use Craigslist to post a free ad. Another option is Call Dibs, a free classified ad website designed for military personnel. The app is also free on iPhone.

Making the Actual Move

Now, none of these apps can do any real work like move your refrigerator onto the moving truck. For that, you need a physical tool like the team strap to carry heavy objects. The strap costs around $20. Furniture casters (small boards with wheels), dollies, and lifter tools, are also good tools to have.