Tips For Students Moving Off To College

Students Moving into Halls

When preparing to move into student halls, one of the first things to find out is what appliances and commodities are already at the new accommodation; for example, if there is already a kettle in the kitchen then there is no point lugging one all of the way to the halls and ending up with two. This might even save you some money as well, so it is definitely worth doing some early research. Additionally, while doing pre-move research, you could look into where the closest shops, parks and doctors surgeries are, giving you a sense of your surroundings before you actually move into student halls. This will help you feel more prepared when you arrive at your new accommodation.

Transport is perhaps the most important thing when moving into student halls, how are you going to get all of your belongings there? There are several options, including; a removals company, a man with a van, your own car or someone else could drop you off, you could even pack everything you need as tightly as possible and catch some public transport. This is an issue that you need to resolve right away, because it also effects other decisions and factors, such as your budget for moving and the volume of belongings that you can take to your new halls accommodation.

Another key thing to look into is how long the lease runs for on your room in halls, as it is never too early to start thinking about the simple logistics of moving out again. For example, if the lease is only for three winter months, is it worth moving all of your summer clothing to the new address? Other questions might include whether the lease is surcease during the Christmas and Easter breaks and the accommodation must be vacated during the holidays. If so, think about planning how you will go about this before the time arrives, so that you can minimise the stress of removals.

Beyond the practicalities of moving into halls, the biggest worry of many students involves the dread of getting roommates/flatmates that you do not get on with, but remember, there is a reason why everyone gives the advice that ‘every student moving into halls is in the same boat’ and that reason is because it is true. All students moving away from home and into university halls will want to get on with the people they will be living with; if you make an effort with your roommates early on, it will be more rewarding in the long term.

Another popular concern is the prospect of having a shared kitchen and bathroom. This solution is entirely about compromise. It would be a good idea to make some ground rules, many students consider a cleaning and/or cooking rotation and others ask that everyone cleans up their own mess. Living in halls will teach you to accept the opinions of others and you will learn to explain your own feelings about certain things. Try not to let worries get in the way of moving, because you are probably worrying for nothing.

Last but not least, among the stresses and worries, do try to enjoy the moving process, it is an experience within itself and is bound to lead to wonderful experiences during your stay in student halls and living the student life. Aim to use the opportunity of moving in and out of student halls to pick up advice and guidance for when you move house later on in life, you never know what removal tips you might benefit you one day!