Tips For Moving With Pets

4013535226_8291eee35e_zFor some pets, moving can be a confusing and unexpected experience. This is especially true for cats and smaller dogs, who are free to roam around the house, but not used to the world outside the house. Your new home is going to be full of unfamiliarity, from the layout to the scents and sounds of the house. If you follow these tips for moving with your pets, it will help keep your furry little friends happy in their new home.

1. Let Your Pet Get Used To Its Crate

For animals that don’t usually go for car rides, most pets have a transportation crate. If your pet only sees this crate when you’re moving, or bringing it to the vet, your pet will feel anxiety about its crate. We think it’s a good idea to let your pet get used to being in its crate, and associate the crate with comfort, rather than stress. You can put a blanket, towel, or pillow in the crate and leave it open somewhere. If your dog or cat enjoys a few naps in the crate before its time to move, it won’t have a panic attack when you need to get it into the crate later.

2. Keep The “Security Blanket” Handy

For most people, the impulse would be to wash or discard dirty things prior to moving. For your pet, this can be a big mistake. Your pet is comforted by the familiarity of its blankets or towels, or whatever it likes to snuggle up with. Washing off these things at the same time as moving can leave your pet feeling like everything is new, and it has no comfort in familiarity. This can lead to stress for your pet.

3. Don’t Pack Away All The Food!

This applies to humans too – don’t pack away all your food. You will be hungry! Your pet feels the same way. Make sure you keep an ample supply of food (also any medications or other daily necessities) where you will be able to access it.

4. Let Your Pet Get In On The Packing 

If you let your pet see that you are packing your items into the boxes that will be filling your house, it can help them to see what’s going on. To be honest – most cats love boxes anyway. You can let a cat walk on, or inside the boxes, and it will most likely make itself very comfortable. A lot of people will try to keep the pets away from packing, as they can be a nuisance, but it can be really beneficial for the pet to be a part of the process.