Tips From Boston Movers – How To Move Your Stuff Up Stairs

Moving furniture up stairs (or even in an elevator) presents many challenges. Having a nice open stairway (as in our image) can help a lot, but in Boston, a lot of stairways are completely enclosed. Today’s blog will give you some helpful tips that will make moving your furniture up stairs a lot easier.

1. Split The Box-Spring! 

If you plan on moving to the Boston area, even if you haven’t found a place yet, we highly recommend splitting your box spring. You can split a box spring that is already made with a saw and some fasteners, or if you are getting a new bed – make sure to order the split box. The fact is, more than half of the stairways in Boston are too tight to fit a full or queen sized box spring up them. Having it split in advance could be the difference between keeping it and not keeping it.

2. Wrap Everything Up

Properly wrapping your furniture with moving pads, tape, and/or shrink wrap will not only serve to protect your furniture, but it will protect the walls, railings, stairs, doorways, and anything else that the furniture might rub up against. Properly using pads can literally save hundreds (even thousands) of dollars of potential damages.

3. Remove The Legs & Anything That Sticks Out

Taking the time to remove legs from sofas and tables can make a huge difference when moving up stairs. Often times, a sofa won’t even fit up the stairs or through the doorways with the legs attached. Removing the parts of furniture that stick out also makes wrapping it up a lot easier.

4. Position Your Furniture Properly

This step can be a little tough to visualize. If you are moving a sofa up a stairway that bends to the left, you want the open (seat) part of the sofa facing the bend. This will allow you to ‘cut the corner’ and get a few inches (or even feet) of wiggle room. If the long and straight portion of the sofa (like the bottom or the back) were to be facing the opening, you would not be able to maneuver it around the tight corners in the same way.

5. Remove Hand Railings If Necessary

Sometimes, removing a hand railing can give you a lot more room to work. Of course, it will make the stairway less safe, so make sure you only have the railing removed while moving furniture, and promptly put it back when finished.

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