Tips For Moving Your Plants

One question that we hear a lot of is “what’s the best way to move my plants?” It can be a tricky question, because there are a lot of factors that you need to consider; the size of the plant, what it is planted in, and the length of the move are all very important factors. While there may be some exceptions to the rules, the following tips will help you keep your plants alive and green on the other side of your move.

Large vs. Small Plants

The absolute best way to move plants is to keep them in the cab of a vehicle, where they still get sunlight and ventilation. However, this might not be an option with larger plants or small trees. If you have to put these large plants into a moving truck, you should follow these rules:

• Keep the plants at the end of the truck, so they are the last things on and the first things off.

• If they are in a ceramic planter, make sure you pad it well. What might seem like a little bump in the road could be more than enough to break open a heavy ceramic pot in the back of a truck.

• Give them as much natural light as possible. If you’re moving a few hours away, and you stop for lunch or gas, you should open the back of the truck. Most plants are very sensitive to darkness, and it can kill them to keep them completely shut in for a long period of time.

• If it is very hot and sunny, the back of a closed box truck will get very hot and dry. Give the plants a little extra water so they don’t dry out.

For the small plants, be mindful of their lighting requirements. If you’re traveling a long distance and you have a low-light plant sitting in a sunny window for eight hours, you can burn the leaves. You may want to close a towel or t-shirt in the car window to give a little shade for sensitive plants.

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