Tips For Moving In With Your Partner

Happy Valentine’s Day! We wanted to do a blog post for all you lovers out there on your day. If you and your romantic partner are planning on moving in together, you can start planning with today’s blog!

Moving in together is a big step in your relationship. No more “my place or yours” – it becomes “our space”. In order to do it right, you’ve got to talk about your needs and make sure you’re not settling for a place that you won’t be happy with.

Talk About What’s Important

As you start to look at your next home, you need to figure out what you really want. I would recommend creating a chart of standard household amenities, and how important each one is to you. (For example, a three-column check list, with Must Have, Would Like To Have, and Don’t Need as your options.) When you begin speaking with realtors (or whomever you choose to deal with), it will help to lay out the criteria that you require.

Talking about what is important with your partner can really make all the difference in the world. You need to be clear on what you need in a home so that you can both be happy.

Look At At Least Five Places

No matter how perfect the first place you look at seems, it’s always a good idea to check out at least a couple more. You can even put in a bid or a deposit to show that you’re serious and interested in a place, while continuing to shop around. You might wind up in that first place, but you’ll at least know that it’s still your favorite after seeing a handful of places.

The shopping-around portion of moving can be a little frustrating, and it could take more than five viewings to find the right place. If you start to get tired of looking, try switching to another source for what you’re looking at. There are tons of ways to find a home that are free or cheap. Switching from one outlet to another can help broaden the horizons quite a bit.

Don’t Settle If You’re Not Happy

Looking around can definitely get tiresome, but keep at it. You don’t want to settle for a place that you’re not totally happy with. Stick to your guts and be persistent – it will pay off in time.

Signing papers on a place that you don’t love can cause stress in your life, and may cause you to regret the move. If you do find yourself in the position where you have to take a place that you don’t love, try to make arrangements for a short-term lease. Move some of your items to storage so you don’t forget that you’re in a temporary solution. It’s more important to keep at it and hunt around until you find the perfect home.


Good luck lovers! If you have any tips on moving in with a partner, please share them in the comments! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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