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Tips For Finding The Right Moving Company

Moving, while it can be an exciting time, can likewise be a tremendous amount of work (and stress) for everyone involved. It seems as if we never truly realize the volume of stuff that we have in our homes until it comes time to pack it all up and move it to another location.

Often times, that volume is large enough that we usually need the assistance of moving service. Heavier things like furniture, electronics and appliances, are better left to professional movers, if at all possible. Even if you have the means by which to transport the larger items in your home, movers can do it quickly and save you a tremendous amount of time and energy– which you will need for the more detailed aspects of your move, like packing and sorting boxes. For myself I was lucky to discover the Houston movers that care!

However, when hiring a moving company for the first time, there are certain risks involved if youíre not familiar with the reputation of the company youíre using. There have been many cases where moving company employees have stolen items or provided detailed home information to burglars.

To prevent this from happening, you need to do a little vetting of your moving company.

1. Ask to see their license — Whether you are moving in-state or out of state, the moving company that you choose must have a federal license issued to them by the FMCSA in order to operate legally. If that license isnít readily viewable online or in their office, ask to see a copy of it.

While a license canít guarantee the absence of rogue employees, itís an important first step that will at least help you determine that the company itself is a legitimate operation. 2. Check online reviews — Not all moving businesses have a strong online presence, but just about everyone will have at least some form of a brochure-style website. Check their social media pages and their company website, and see what you can gather in terms of feedback from other customers, just to see if you can get a feel for what kind of reputation they have. Keep in mind too that not all online feedback, good or bad, is always reliable. What youíll want to look for is a general theme and an overall trend in terms of what people are saying about them. Itís also a good idea to check the stats of their website to see how much traffic theyíre actually getting and when they purchased the domain name. Typically, an older site with a higher traffic rating will be more reliable. 3. Get quotes in writing — Youíll want to collect quotes from a few different companies, and when you do, try and get them in writing from each one. That way, when you decide who you want to go with, youíll have the price on paper and wonít have to worry about them changing terms or hitting you with hidden fees. 4. Go by word of mouth if possible — The best way to find a reputable moving company is to go by word-of-mouth. Talk to your friends and people you know who have moved recently, and ask them who they personally used. Labor intensive companies like movers will typically have a less significant online presence and a more robust offline presence, so talk to people about who they would recommend. When itís all said and done, thatís going to be your best play for making an informed decision and finding a reputable moving company. Incident-Free

Moving is hard enough without having to worry about unforeseen disasters and incidents that could have been prevented. And when youíre bringing a third party in to help you get your things from one house to the next, make sure that you arenít dealing with people who could possibly cause more harm than good. The goal is to hire a company that can help make your move as incident-free as possible.

Just make sure that you take the time to locate the most reliable moving company that will best suit your budget and give you peace of mind.       Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer, business owner and writes for Dunkel Bros, an experienced heavy machinery moving company. Before moving to her new home, she dedicated her time to searching for the most reliable moving companies in her area that she could trust with her belongings. Follow her on Facebook today!

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