Things You May Forget To Pack When Moving

Here are the top 7 things people forget to pack when they move house.

#1: Prescription medication
Medicines are one of the most commonly forgotten things to pack when moving because they often get left in medicine cabinets and closets. And while it’s okay to leave a few bottles of Aspirin behind, you may have essential prescription medication that you need regularly, probably even daily, and forgetting to pack and take with you such vital medicines may turn out to be a big problem.

Do not forget your medicines – they can be extremely important and should not be left behind! Go through your medicine cabinet and make sure you pack every medication you need inside an essentials box – the very box that will stay with you throughout the move. Remember to take your first-aid kit too.

#2: Important documents
It may be disastrous to forget to pack important documents, especially the ones you will need during or immediately after the house move. To make sure all essential documents remain with you regardless of the relocation phase, prepare a moving binder and keep the vital documentation inside it.

Don’t forget to pack all important personal documents (passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.), employment and work-related documents (work contract, letters of recommendation, etc.), housing documents (property deeds, rental agreements, etc.), legal and financial documents (wills, Power of Attorney documents, bank statements, etc.), motor vehicle documents (vehicle registration, motor insurance documents, etc.), medical records, school records, and more.

#3: Items placed in storage
Sometimes storage areas get neglected or underestimated during the packing process, which may lead to you failing to pack up and move some important items that have been placed in storage prior to the packing process.

Double-check all storage spaces in your home such as the attic, basement, garage or tool shed, and see if there are any items you just have to move with you. If so, then prepare them for packing. Also, you may have rented an outside storage facility, such as a self-storage unit, where you probably keep a number of useful things you’d love to take with you as well.

So, go through all storage areas and make sure you haven’t forgotten to pack something valuable.

#4: Loaned items
The things people always forget to pack when they move are the items they have lent out to friends and family members. Stop for a moment and think about whether someone has borrowed any items from you recently – books, DVDs, shoes, pieces of clothing, and so on.

If you’re only moving a short distance away, failing to get back loaned items shouldn’t be a big deal because you can collect those things after the move is over. However, if you’re moving across the country or even to another country altogether, then it’ll be much more challenging to get back what’s yours.

Still, you know how packing up fewer items will save you both packing time and shipping expenses, so maybe the upcoming move is a good excuse to just “forget” about the items you’ve lent out to your good friends.

#5: Clothes at the dry cleaner’s
Sooner or later it’s bound to happen to you too – you’ve dropped off your favorite winter coat at the dry cleaner’s and then you’re getting ready to move out and you’ve forgotten all about it. This is the usual case when you’ve decided to dry clean clothes that are out of season or ones that you only wear on special occasions.

So, it’s obvious that any clothes dropped off at the dry cleaner’s are some of the things not to forget when packing for a move. Try to remember if you’ve got any attire at your local dry cleaner’s, or just phone them up to make sure.

#6: Bathroom items: toiletries and shower curtains
Your bathroom items are one of the very last things to pack up simply because you’re likely to need them until the very last moment. You’ll probably want to take a quick shower just before it’s time to move out of your current home, so all your bathroom stuff such as shampoo, shower gel, hair conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, towels, and even hair drier will be there, still unboxed and all. The chances are that your shower curtains and your bath mat will also be waiting for you to pack them up for the road.

Make a mental note to go to the bathroom and make one final check before it’s time for you to leave. After all, it can be rather awkward to take a shower in your new place without a shower curtain and all.

#7: Valuables hidden around the home
One of the most common things people forget to pack when moving happens to be various types of valuables hidden around the home – anything from cash, precious jewelry to even family heirlooms. Do you have a secret hiding spot in your house or apartment? If you do, then your first task is to check it out. What about a portable safe? A safety deposit box? Or maybe even a chest of priceless items buried in the backyard of your home?

Make a list of the most valuable items you own and then check off each one as you’re packing it safely into your Open-First Box. Remember that your essentials box, or boxes, must remain with you throughout the entire move.

Regrettably, there are other things we tend to forget to pack when moving house as well. Here are a number of other honorable mentions for the title Commonly Forgotten Items When Packing For a Move:

Clothes hangers;
Hands tools;
Cleaning supplies;
Household plants.