Documenting the Move


Documenting The Move

One of the biggest problems you might find yourself having when you get to the new house is not quite knowing where everything is or how it got there.  Another problem is that of potential removals breakages or mishandling resulting in the damage of your property.  And if you can’t prove that you were not at fault in allowing this to happen then you could end up paying for replacements and the actual perpetrators walking away completely free of any associated guilt.


The way to combat these potential moving problems would be to make sure you fully document each part of your move so that you have evidence should you need it against damages and, for yourself, you know what order things went into the lorry and what was in each box and hopefully this will keep moving losses to an absolute minimum.


Photo: The digital camera is, here an invaluable tool, quite apart from the fact that you can get a digital camera on pretty much everything so that you’re less likely to need to invest or lose something, digital cameras mean that the pictures are the

re straight away to browse at your leisure and in great quality.


The advice would probably be to photograph each of your valuables before it’s packed so that all parties have evidence of any existing imperfections, then photograph it packed so that all parties have evidence of all the correct precautions and procedures being followed and finally photograph it unpacked at the other end so that you can compare the before and after photos and see if there are any problems.  You might also want to photograph the lorry or van being packed at its different stages so that you can be sure of where everything is.  This would probably be less of a problem if you are using a removals company as they may provide an inventory or, as they will be packing and emptying the lorry themselves, you don’t need to worry about the same things going out as came in.



Lists: The notion of pen and paper might seem massively outdated but it’s one of those traditions that hopefully is not going anywhere soon.  Lists are one of the reasons that pen and paper isn’t going anywhere because it allows you to deposit different lists in different boxes.  By making a list of what is going into each box then you provide yourself with an incredibly detailed inventory.  The outside of the box would obviously be labelled with the room but once it’s inside that room and you might need to get something in a hurry or just know where to start with your packing then a list of the contents of that box will be extremely helpful.


One thing to remember here is keeping your pad and pen, camera and camera charger in your handbag or the bag of

essentials that you’ll be taking with you.  You don’t know what you might end up needing to write.  You don’t want to be in a position either where you are at the new house, you get out the camera to compare your before and after pictures and discover that actually the camera has died and the charger is in, no one knows which box.