Parking Permits For Moving In Boston Now Available Online!

The process of obtaining parking permits for your move in Boston has gotten a bit simpler today. For the first time, residents of Boston are able to obtain single-day moving permits through the City of Boston Website. As always, there are certain guidelines that must be followed, but this should make your permit acquisition easier, and you can save the money that it costs to hire a service (like our own) to do this.

To be eligible for online permits, you must be getting single day moving truck permits, and it must be 2-4 weeks in advance of your move. If your move is in less than two weeks, you must still obtain your permits in person at City Hall. The permits are also not available for the North End, and for certain streets and areas (such as Park Drive).

That means that all of you looking for help with permits on September 1 can apply today and save yourself the trip to City Hall (or possible posting fees of hiring somebody). There are lots of people moving in Boston this busy summer, and this should alleviate some pressure for a lot of them.

Parking permits have been a requirement for parking a moving truck on-street in Boston. Up until now, if you wanted to obtain your permit for a move, you would have to go to City Hall in person, or at least hire a person or company who would be willing to make the trip for you. Online permits have been available in Cambridge, Brookline, and Somerville for some time now, and it is a great step forward to see Boston finally streamlining this process for its residents.

If you have a move scheduled and it is at least two weeks away, you can use this simple online application to obtain your permit. And if you’re still looking for movers for your August 31-September 1 move, Big City Moving Company has limited appointments remaining. Contact us today to secure your appointment for the busiest moving week of the year in the city of Boston.

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Parking Permits Are Required When Moving In Boston

The City of Boston has been making sure that all moving trucks have legal parking permits.

The City of Boston has been making sure that all moving trucks have legal parking permits.

Whether you’re moving into Boston, moving out of the city, or going from one neighborhood to another, you need to make parking arrangements for your moving truck on moving day. For most people, that means obtaining Street Occupancy Permits from City Hall in Boston. This year in particular has been very tough to try to get by without a parking permit. Our moving crews have been shuffled away by Boston Police on every move that we’ve attempted without legal parking spots acquired in advance. If you are planning on moving within the City of Boston, these tips will help you make sure that you don’t run into any issues when it comes time to find a parking space for your moving truck.

Who Needs Parking Permits?

It’s actually a little easier to rule out the few people who don’t need to get parking permits. There are basically four exemptions to the rule.

1. Driveway – If your building has a large enough driveway, with plenty of room to turn in and out of, you might not need a permit. You may need to make arrangements with the other tenants or property manager who have access to the driveway as well.

2. Loading Dock – If your building has a loading dock, you will most likely need to schedule a time with your property manager for your moving truck.

3. Commercial Loading Zone – Some buildings will have a designated commercial loading zone. These are not always available for residents to move in or out of a building. Check with your property manager to see if you can have access to the loading zone, and schedule a time if necessary.

4. Parking Lot – If your building has a large parking lot, you may be able to utilize that for your move. Check with your property manager to see if any appointments need to be made.

If you do not have any of those four options available, you will need to get parking permits for your move.

How Do I Obtain Parking Permits?

Parking permits must be acquired in person at City Hall in Boston. Permits need to be obtained at least three business days before your move or they will refuse to issue them to you. If you are unable to obtain permits on your own, Big City Moving Company does offer permit acquisition and posting services. You can request permits now by clicking here.

What Is The Cost For Parking Permits?

Most moving trucks in Boston will require the smallest available parking permit – two consecutive parking spaces. The typical cost for this would be a total of $69 ($61 for the permits plus $8 for the two signs you will need to post). If your permits are for metered parking spaces, the cost would be +$40, or $109 total. Big City Moving Company can obtain and post your permit for you for an additional $75.

What If I Can’t Obtain Permits?

Any time you attempt to do a move in Boston without proper parking arrangements, you are taking a number of risks.

1. Parking violations – Parking without a parking permit leaves you vulnerable to getting hit with parking violations.

2. Wasted time – If you can’t find a parking spot, you may be forced to drive around in circles, waiting for something to open up. You may also not be able to park close, and the added distance between your location and your parking spot will make your move take longer than it needs to.

3. Forced cancellations – In extreme situations, we have been forced to leave a job by the Boston Police Department. They don’t want to have moving trucks double parking, clogging up the streets, potentially putting other motorists in danger. They have been taking this very seriously over the last couple months. As a moving company, if we are forced to cancel because proper parking permits haven’t been arranged, you are still responsible for the minimum charge.

In short – if you are unable to acquire a legal parking space for your truck, you’re taking some potentially costly risks. We strongly urge everybody to do things the right way by obtaining all legal parking spots needed in advance of the move.

Where Do I Park A Moving Truck?

not the best place to park your moving truck

not the best place to park your moving truck

Today’s question was submitted by James B. from South Boston. James asked: My neighborhood is mostly residential parking. I know commercial parking tickets can be even costlier than normal parking violations, so I don’t want to get a ticket. Where can I park a moving truck for my move?

Well, to state the obvious, parking through the house (like in today’s image) is not the best way to go. There’s at least a couple choices that you should try before you let it come to that. Today’s blog will offer some tips on finding the best spot to park your truck for moving day.


Parking In A Driveway

If you have your own driveway, or if you share a driveway with neighbors, that can be an ideal place to park the truck. There are a couple things that you should be aware of beforehand.

• Watch for low hanging wires or other obstructions.

• A steep incline from the street to driveway or vice versa can get the truck stuck.

• Driveway should be long enough that the truck can fit into it with the ramp out.       This is usually two car lengths (15′ box truck) or three car lengths (24′ box truck).


Parking In A Parking Lot

Some apartment or condo complexes will have parking available to residents. You may need to speak with a property manager about parking a truck there for moving day. If the spots are general assignment, and not assigned to each resident, you should speak with your neighbors so that they don’t leave you without a spot.


Using A Loading Dock

If a loading dock is available, this is usually the best place to park. It will ensure that the truck has a spot designed for trucks, with easy access without requiring a ramp or lift gate. You should always request an appointment with the property manager weeks in advance to ensure the loading dock’s availability. Also, take note of height requirements. Certain structures are built to allow a smaller vehicle, but might not yield the height of a larger truck. Let your moving company or truck rental agency know what the height requirements are.


On Street Parking (Ususally Requires A Permit)

When the other three options are not available, your best choice will be to park on the street. You should check out parking regulations for the community you are moving to if you are unsure. Parking Permits are required in the cities of Boston, Somerville, Brookline, and Cambridge. Some of the surrounding areas have their own parking guidelines to follow. A quick search on Google should help you find out what will be required in order to park a moving truck for your move.