De-cluttering your home for a more successful sale and removal

De-cluttering your home for a more successful sale and removalWhen it comes to impressing prospective buyers for your home, it has become even more essential that your property stand out from what can be an extremely
saturated market. With this in mind, many people are using a technique called ‘house staging’ which involves making the house look very much on trend and
spacious, even if this is not exactly how the seller may have been living in the property. Of course you can go rather far down the line with this one; you
don’t have to buy new carpets or wallpaper, just tidy the place up and de-clutter the house so that it feels as spacious as possible. This will likely
strike a little fear in to your mind, as making the place feel spacious will often involve moving furniture around and getting things out of the house,
which may well require a self storage unit, as well as the hassle of getting a man and van involved, which is sometimes more stress than it is worth. There
are various answers to these issues, depending on how you want to go ahead with your particular move.

De-cluttering the house is pretty essential for any move, so why not do it before the property even goes on the market? Rounding up everything and chucking
stuff away can be quite difficult, as people become very attached to stuff that really is not relevant in their lives any more. You need to be tough with
yourself, and think of everything that you will really need in the new place; it’s not like moving house is going to mean that you suddenly use your
mountain bike a lot more, so think about selling stuff that you really don’t use! You can obviously auction things online if you feel that they are worth some cash, and then of course there is always the
jumble sale for smaller things. Look in to car boot sales as well as having a yard sale; some car boots are extremely popular, and will be a lot better for
getting rid of your stuff than others. For that which you can’t sell, be sure to give it to a charity shop or recycle it where you can.

Once you have rid yourself of as much that you can throw away, look in to how you are going to set up your house to make it look as attractive as possible
to potential buyers. You will find that making the place feel calm, spacious yet inviting is the best way to do this. No one is expecting to walk in to a
set from ‘world or interiors’ but you can do a lot with rearranging furniture and hiding clutter to
ensure that the rooms feel as large as they should do, whilst also being nice to live in. This process will likely involve getting rid of certain items,
whether furniture, or boxes full of things that need to be removed. You will want to avoid lugging it all to the self storage place, so why not look at
getting a mobile storage unit involved? These units are delivered to your home, and you can keep them on the drive. They are completely lockable and will
give you a great place to keep things whilst you need them out of the house. Be sure that the MSU does not get in the way of the buyer however,as some may
be immediately put off by the large box on the driveway!