How Many Moving Boxes Will You Need For Your Move?

Discover Ways to make Your Move EasierWhen you are planning a move, knowing the right amount of boxes to obtain can be a real challenge. You have to make sure you have enough so that you don’t leave anything unpacked, but you don’t want to have the burden of having piles of leftover packing materials either. Determining the right amount of boxes can be a challenge, but these tips will help you narrow it down.

Essential Tips For Packing

One important thing to realize about packing is that different sized boxes can serve a different purpose. In general, you want to keep your boxes weight to roughly 40Lb. Having much more than that can weaken the box and cause damages to the contents.

Small boxes should be filled with items like books, CDs, and DVDs. Those items don’t weigh a whole lot on their own, but by the time you have packed up a cubic foot or so into a box, it should weigh about 40 pounds. Larger boxes should be filled with bulkier items that don’t weigh as much, such as clothing, towels, linens, blankets, or lamp shades.

A common mistake is to only choose larger boxes, and then filling them with whatever items you have throughout the house. We’ve seen large boxes filled with books exceed 150 pounds, and the boxes just aren’t made to withstand that much weight. They wind up bending and buckling under the weight, and many of the books wind up with damages like bent spines and creasing.

Talk To Your Movers

This is an important step for any move, but you should really consult with your moving company. Oftentimes, accurate estimates can be given by phone, as long as you are providing enough details about your packing needs. Unusual items might require special packing materials, so make sure to mention anything fragile, or unusual in size or shape.

If your packing needs are a bit more complex, you can always request an in-house consultation. Having your movers on-site to see your packing needs for themselves can be a huge advantage.

Figure Out What You Think You Need

Open up all the closets, all the cabinets, all the dressers and drawers, and really get a good idea of everything that you will need to pack. Try to visualize how your items may fill boxes as you go along. Keep a running list going with different box sizes, and you can note any items that you have concerns with.

Add A Buffer

Most moving companies will allow you to over-stock for your packing needs, and then buy back what you don’t need. Whatever you think you might need, it is always a good idea to order just a little bit extra, as long as you will be able to return it to your movers. It’s better to have some left over boxes than some left over packing to do.

3 Tips For Packing And Moving Your Plants

moving plants

How to pack and move your plants

Packing and moving your plants can be a challenge for any move. Even for a cross-town move, it is possible to damage your planters or even kill your plants if you do not do things carefully. If you follow these tips, your plants should be making the trip to your new home with no issues to speak of.

Protect Your Pots

If your plants happen to live inside some kind of glass or ceramic planter, you’re going to want to be very careful to not break it. If your particular plant is within a plastic planter, and has a breakable planter that it all sits inside – it is best to remove the plastic before you attempt to move it. You should be wrapping your planters in moving pads or bubble wrap, depending on it’s size and fragility.

If your plant does not have anything between it and the glass or ceramic planter, you need to make sure that you put it in a very safe spot. The back of a moving truck can be very tough, and if the truck takes one bad bump, it could shatter your pot and cause your plant to die and dirt and debris to make a mess over the truck. You are much better off moving this in a smaller, personal vehicle. It almost guarantees that the bumps are going to be lighter than they would be in the truck. You should still use as much padding as you can to wrap around the pots and prevent them from bumping anything.

Make It Quick! 

It is not safe for plants to stay in the back of a moving truck. It gets hot, the pots can get damaged, the dirt can wind up all over your stuff, and it can be difficult to maintain air quality in the back of the truck. We always recommend loading up your plants last and unloading them first, so they spend as little time as possible in the moving truck (or even your own vehicle).

If you are planning a long distance move – you may want to consider selling or giving your plants away before the move. Being stuck in the back of a truck for a couple days could shock and kill the plants. It is very difficult to maintain the temperature, moisture, and other elements for the plants, and only the most resilient of plants will survive a long distance move in a moving truck.

Contain That Dirt! 

We recommend putting the entire pot and plant inside a larger trash or contractor bag. That will keep all the dirt and debris in one isolated location, and help to keep that type of stuff from getting on your furniture.

Discover Ways to Make Your Move Easier

Discover Ways to make Your Move Easier

Finding an easier way to do something should be commend and encouraged as it shows you are using your intelligence to make a tough task more manageable.
This can be applied to many situations from paperwork, tackling all of our day-to-day chores, decorating, cleaning up our abode and more. One thing it can,
and defiantly should, apply to is home and business removals. Tackling an entire move is prolonged and complicated progress that takes dedication,
strength, skill time, patience and knowledge. If you lack this and attempt to tackle all of the chores such as planning, packing goods, carry heavy items,
booking services, transport items and more, then it can be a disaster. You can break or lose your belongings, be delayed, have to rush through processes,
not properly complete a task, and more. If you want to stay on top of your move and find an easier way to do things, then read on.

The first way of making things easier is by having a comprehensive schedule. This will allow you to
keep track of all chores and the time you have to do them. It will prevent you rushing through things, allow you to have enough time to perform all tasks,
enable you to buy necessary materials in advance and so on. If you adhere to it then delays won’t be an issue, especially if you start early and give
yourself extra time. This will also give you the chance to see what services you need, as you can book them early on if you can’t do something yourself.

Thinking ahead also means that you won’t have to worry about not being able to get services and support when they are needed. A schedule can also be used
to assign job to different people so different members of your household/workplace can get involved and know exactly what they are doing, making the
process go faster and reducing the work for everyone involved.

Purchasing all the packing metrical you need before you begin the move is also of great benefit. With the additional time, you can work out how much
wrapping and how many boxes you need and then go out and buy the right amount. This will ensure you can complete the packing in one go, without worry of
running out or having to stretch materials further, which can risk your goods. It also gives you time to shop around for deals, ensuring you can get a

As you go through items and sort them, you may notice that you have goods you no longer need. These can be old items, things that have been replaced, goods
that have broken, etc. There is no point packing and transporting these so you should get rid of them. You
could throw them away of recycle them if possible, but also consider donating decent items to charity. If possible, sell unwanted goods and make some extra

Booking services well in advance provides multiple benefits. You can ensure you get a good firm, which they will be there when you need them and you can
get a great deal. If you leave it to the last minute, you may find that you have to hire a sub-par firm who may charge you too much. Preparing will allow
you to have firms arrive to a pack, carry and transport goods when you need them, so the process can go according to our schedule.

Making your move easier is the best way to approach it so take these tips to heart and see how simple a removal can be.

Ensuring That You Are Using The Right Packing Materials For Your Move

Ensuring that you are using the right packing materials for your domestic removal

Packing is the largest part of the job that you will have to worry about, and it can be especially stressful if you are not completely on top of things.
The best way to ensure an efficient as well as safe and stress free move, is to start early and plan thoroughly, to ensure that there are no issues buy the
time you come to the actual day of the move. In many ways, the smaller things, like the packing materials that you use, can be overlooked at first, and
these are often the things that make the largest difference to your process, in that they will dictate how safe your items are! With a thought towards
ensuring that your house removals go as smoothly as possible, ensure that you have a look over the following to ensure that you are using the right

Environmental laws have meant that it is now a lot harder to pick up cardboard boxes from shops and supermarkets. They are not dedicated to appearing
green, and recycle such items as quickly as possible. At any rate, the cardboard boxes that supermarkets use nowadays are rarely fit for use as packing
boxes. The best place to find appropriate packing boxes in the current
climate is from a dedicated removals company or storage outlet, as these two services are the ones with the most demand for such items. You will of course
find that packing boxes do not come cheap, and given that they are being supplied by a provider who understands the situation that you are in, they can
make you pay different rates on a wildly varying scale. Some suppliers may demand double what another would charge, so always do your research! This
research should encompass the nature of the boxes themselves as well; you will no doubt understand that some boxes will be better than others, and these
are the ones that you want, to be completely sure that you are at no risk of things getting damaged because of the boxes. Single and double walled boxes
play a large part in all of this, and you will find that the double walled boxes are a lot stronger, and can be used a few times, whereas single walled
packing boxes are a fair bit weaker, and may pose a risk to your items whilst they are in transit. At any rate, it is essential that you look up the sizes,
strengths and prices for a wide range of boxes, from different suppliers, to ensure that you are not in any risk of getting the whole thing wrong!

By far and away the best option is usually to go with your removals company when it comes to picking up new boxes. They will have deals with wholesalers,
and will be able to use the boxes as leverage when making the deal a little sweeter for your whole removals package. As domestic removals are so expensive,
the removals company will use their low margins of profit to entice customers to them, by offering low prices for their removals boxes. The added bonus of
this is that you know that such boxes have been tried and tested by these professional removals experts, and that means that you know they are up to the
job of protecting your items whilst you move house. You will find that you can get tape, tissue paper, bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes, furniture covers, sack barrows, van straps and all sorts
of other essentials form a removals company as well.

Getting Moved With A Pregnant Person

Getting moved with a pregnant personIf you are pregnant, or you are moving with a pregnant person, then you need to be sure that your relocation goes smoothly whilst also keeping the woman in
question as comfortable as possible. It is likely that if you have opted to do a removal when you have, that the person in question is not too far along,
but nonetheless it is vital that you take care whether they are six weeks or eight months! The main stress should be on comfort and avoiding over exertion,
as these are the kinds of things that can be missed when you are moving house; things can get stressful and tiring pretty quickly if you are not careful!
Have a look through the following guide to see of there are any ways in which you might be able to change your outlook to accommodate the pregnancy any

For a start, you need to ensure that the person who is pregnant does not need to do any more than they feel up to. If you are a couple who are moving,
usually it would be split fairly equally. In the situation where you are pregnant and are taking time off of work, but your other half needs to be at the
office, then things can get difficult. Start as early as possible to ensure that you do not feel rushed in to doing more than you need to at any one time.
If you get started on the packing and preparation a month or so in advance, then you can be free to pack as much as you can each day, rather than feeling
like you are pressured by the lack of time before the move. Essentially, you need to be in control of the house removal, rather than the move in control of

One way to ensure that the domestic removal is under control is to ensure
that you have a great removals company on your side. A decent removals company will be able to get you moved in a way that works for you rather than you
feeling like the move is taking over your life! If you get a removals company booked in early, then you will be sure to have time to plan with them, how
they are going to ensure that you have time to rest and not be too involved with the move. A good removals service will be able to ensure that you get
everything sorted with the minimum effort, from supplying packing boxes and storages space, to even supplying packing services, so that you can put your
feet up!

When you are pregnant, there will be specific things that affect you throughout your pregnancy, and you need to be sure that the move does not make them
more difficult. For instance, whilst you are actually between houses, all of your belongings will be packed away in to boxes in the van. This can make
finding things extremely difficult if not impossible, and if that thing that you need is vital because of your situation, then this can be an issue. Think
well in advance of the move about everything that you might need to get sorted before the actual journey, so that you can pack a bag of things that you
need whilst you are between properties. Essentially, preparation is key, so think hard about the things that you may need during the move, and ensure that
you get them sorted well in advance.

Finding the Storage Unit Right for You

During a move, there can be many instances when having some extra space can be desirable. Having somewhere you can place yours out of the way with the
knowledge they will be safe can be very useful. One of these reasons is if you want to do all of your unpacking gradually. You may only want to tackle the
boxes with important items, so with a storage unit you can leave things there until you need them later. When moving into your new home or office you may
want things to be neat and tidy, so you may leave unnecessary items elsewhere as means to reduce clutter.

Storage space can be essential if you are not moving into your new address from your old one immediately. You will be faced with an occasion when you
cannot keep all your belongings in your old abode, but cannot take them to your new one either. Placing them in store guarantees, they will be safe and
easy access until the time is right. Such a situation can occur if your new building is
being built or decorated, you are away during the move, you are wailing for the building to be cleaned, inspected or other significant work to be
completed, the previous tenants have still not vacated, etc.

You will have to find a storage depot that caters to all of your needs, so you should research different firms in your area. Look at things such as the
location, services, availability and cost. A good storage company will be able to offer you various containers in different sizes and shapes, with ones
large enough to hold your entire belongings or smaller ones for things such as files or jewellery. You should be able to access your container at any time,
to drop off items or collect them. You should be allowed to arrange things as you like and even decorate inside. There should be not time limits, either,
meaning you can store things for as little or as long as you like. If a firm has all of this, you are on the right track and the only remaining matter is
cost. Tell them what you want to store and for how long and you can receive a quote that should outline the price.

If you cannot get all of your goods to your container, then the firm may offer transportation. When you goods are at your unit you should take time and
care to affirm everything will be safe. Carry items gently and arrange them correctly or the best result. Place the largest objects at the back and place
light objects on top of heavier ones. Use cupboards and shelves to increase the safety of your goods and help you arrange them to your liking. Use boxes to
keep certain items together and so that everything can be stacked neatly. It also means that you can carry them in and out much simpler.

The safety of your goods will be your number one concern, so only go with a firm that can offer you peace of mind. The unit you use should be secure, with
no holes, cracks or other defects. Only you should have the key to your unit, so only you will have access. The unit should be able to resist leaks and
weather and harmful temperatures, and the depot should be regularly patrolled by guards.

If you follow this guide, you will find the storage unit right for you and have a safe and convenient place to keep your belongings during move and beyond.

Tips for Effectively Staging Your Home for Sale

The moment you put your house on the market, it becomes a “product.” A home properly staged for showing stands out from the crowd has a better chance of selling and at a higher price than a non-staged home, according to Zillow.

Staging is about letting people see the best your home has to offer while minimizing its less-attractive traits. For example, properly staged, a small room can look like a spacious office space. Staging a home allows buyers to see the potential your home has, without making them use their imagination, says Da Lusso Design. Staging your home for sale is as simple as following the five “Ds.”


Photo by Polygon Homes via Flickr

The most important thing you can do when it comes time to show your home is to get rid of clutter, Better Homes and Gardens says. Buyers will have a difficult time imagining their own belongings in the home if all they can see if your “stuff.” Take anything that doesn’t have a distinct purpose out of each room. Knick-knacks, souvenirs, books and children’s toys all look like clutter to someone walking through for the first time. In addition to making your home appear more tranquil, the absence of clutter will make the rooms feel well-kept.

If you must keep any items for your next home, box them up and put them in storage. Donate anything you really don’t need — meaning anything that is cluttering up your own life — to charity.

Deep Clean

Photo by Backdoor Survival via Flickr

If your sinks are a mess or there are toys scattered around the house, buyers naturally assume that you don’t take much pride in home ownership. Enlist aid from friends and family and deep clean each room as though you are preparing for special guests.If the walls are dirty, give them a fresh coat of paint, wipe dirt out of light fixtures, shake out area rugs, clean the oven and wipe down cabinets. When someone is serious about buying your home they are likely to open every door and cabinet to see what is behind it.


Photo by AndyRobertsPhotos via Flickr

While you’re getting rid of clutter and dust, look around each room and decide which pieces of furniture you can live without for a while. An old desk, extra chair in the living room or heavy china cabinet in the dining room can be put into short-term storage in order to better “show” the house. As much as you may like those items, prospective buyers are not interested in them and simply want to know how much space is available for their belongings.


The common belief that rooms feel larger and are easier to use when all the furniture is pushed against the wall is a myth, HGTV says. It recommends “floating” your furniture by positioning it away from the walls and into cozy conversational groups. By creating these conversational groupings you create a clear-cut traffic flow and make the rooms feel larger.

Photo by coco+kelley via Flickr

Replacing worn items with new stylish furnishings can make a world of difference. Replace tired throw pillows, hang a new piece of art over the fireplace, update tired drapes with window treatments, switch out a worn shower curtain with something stylish and add a beautiful candle to the coffee table.


Photo by Furniture from Spain via Flickr

You likely adore the children’s artwork hanging on the refrigerator and family photos scattered around the house. The problem is, seeing your personalized items everywhere makes it more difficult for people to imagine their things filling the same space. Packing away your personal items is one of the easiest, least expensive, things you can do to sell your home quickly, according to Bankrate.


Mandy Collier

Mandy is a stay-at-home mom who blogs about ways to keep your home green and sustainable.

Moving Abroad For Business

Moving Abroad For Business

This might seem like a situation that not many people find themselves in but actually there are a number of parents working abroad without their families. Obviously, there is a reason that people choose to move away from their families and a lot of the time that motivation is financial. There are also a lot of other perks other than just the basic salary that might motivate you and a lot of these perks will help with the move.
Chances are, if there is just one of you, you won’t have enough to fill a container as these can be 1500kg compared to the 50kg maximum that you might need as an individual. Therefore, it makes more sense to have a suitcase of essentials for the three weeks it will take the rest of your belongings to be shipped out to you.
One of the likely perks is that, unless you’ve made arrangements for your residence before your move out there, you will probably be put up by your employer until you can be moved into more permanent accommodation. This could mean a hotel or it could mean a room in a flat share. Either way, it’s not bad as long as you aren’t paying for it.
The most important thing is establishing which makes the most financial sense in terms of your finances: buying all new furniture and furnishings out there or getting some shipped from home. If you are moving out to your new job without your family then it is likely that they will be staying in the family home and therefore, keeping hold of the family furnishings. This doesn’t mean that you should buy budget stuff, especially if the employer is giving you some sort of moving grant or loan. Often, even with the loans, they are repayable on something of a sliding scale so that the longer you are out there the less you have to pay back when you leave. This loan or grant might be a good opportunity for you to get better furniture so that when you return to your family you can take it back with you and replace the older family furniture.
Of course, it might be that your employer is less forthcoming but if you are in a position to be headhunted or doing them a favour in taking on this job then you are also in a position to ask for the necessary benefits of moving abroad. If you are not in this position then nevertheless you will be moving into a position where there is provided accommodation or the facilities available for accommodation – it might not be free though.

Make sure you factor in a regular number of flights home if you are moving alone.
Therefore, when moving abroad, for business, it’s all about the preparation. It’s all about the preparation when you move abroad for pleasure, of course, but getting the job is really only your first step on the journey to working abroad. There’s a lot more to it than just signing the contract and booking your flight and this article only concerns the removals. There’s also visas and residency all sorts of other things that will need considering in your big move. But it’s also new, exciting and fascinating to be working in a whole new place and all those experiences are going to be thrilling. So good luck and have fun!