Parking Permits Are Required When Moving In Boston

The City of Boston has been making sure that all moving trucks have legal parking permits.

The City of Boston has been making sure that all moving trucks have legal parking permits.

Whether you’re moving into Boston, moving out of the city, or going from one neighborhood to another, you need to make parking arrangements for your moving truck on moving day. For most people, that means obtaining Street Occupancy Permits from City Hall in Boston. This year in particular has been very tough to try to get by without a parking permit. Our moving crews have been shuffled away by Boston Police on every move that we’ve attempted without legal parking spots acquired in advance. If you are planning on moving within the City of Boston, these tips will help you make sure that you don’t run into any issues when it comes time to find a parking space for your moving truck.

Who Needs Parking Permits?

It’s actually a little easier to rule out the few people who don’t need to get parking permits. There are basically four exemptions to the rule.

1. Driveway – If your building has a large enough driveway, with plenty of room to turn in and out of, you might not need a permit. You may need to make arrangements with the other tenants or property manager who have access to the driveway as well.

2. Loading Dock – If your building has a loading dock, you will most likely need to schedule a time with your property manager for your moving truck.

3. Commercial Loading Zone – Some buildings will have a designated commercial loading zone. These are not always available for residents to move in or out of a building. Check with your property manager to see if you can have access to the loading zone, and schedule a time if necessary.

4. Parking Lot – If your building has a large parking lot, you may be able to utilize that for your move. Check with your property manager to see if any appointments need to be made.

If you do not have any of those four options available, you will need to get parking permits for your move.

How Do I Obtain Parking Permits?

Parking permits must be acquired in person at City Hall in Boston. Permits need to be obtained at least three business days before your move or they will refuse to issue them to you. If you are unable to obtain permits on your own, Big City Moving Company does offer permit acquisition and posting services. You can request permits now by clicking here.

What Is The Cost For Parking Permits?

Most moving trucks in Boston will require the smallest available parking permit – two consecutive parking spaces. The typical cost for this would be a total of $69 ($61 for the permits plus $8 for the two signs you will need to post). If your permits are for metered parking spaces, the cost would be +$40, or $109 total. Big City Moving Company can obtain and post your permit for you for an additional $75.

What If I Can’t Obtain Permits?

Any time you attempt to do a move in Boston without proper parking arrangements, you are taking a number of risks.

1. Parking violations – Parking without a parking permit leaves you vulnerable to getting hit with parking violations.

2. Wasted time – If you can’t find a parking spot, you may be forced to drive around in circles, waiting for something to open up. You may also not be able to park close, and the added distance between your location and your parking spot will make your move take longer than it needs to.

3. Forced cancellations – In extreme situations, we have been forced to leave a job by the Boston Police Department. They don’t want to have moving trucks double parking, clogging up the streets, potentially putting other motorists in danger. They have been taking this very seriously over the last couple months. As a moving company, if we are forced to cancel because proper parking permits haven’t been arranged, you are still responsible for the minimum charge.

In short – if you are unable to acquire a legal parking space for your truck, you’re taking some potentially costly risks. We strongly urge everybody to do things the right way by obtaining all legal parking spots needed in advance of the move.

When Should You Get A Parking Permit For Your Move?

J.S. submitted the following question:

I am moving from Allston to Back Bay. Will I get a ticket if I don’t get a moving permit for either location? I am planning on starting the move around 9am on a Saturday. 

In short, you’re going to want to obtain parking permits for this move. A parking permit will reserve the best possible parking space for the truck on your move, which will reduce the move time. There will be no wasted time searching for a parking spot, which will also reduce the time. Obtaining a permit will also help eliminate the risk of a parking violation, which can be quite costly for a commercial moving truck.

If you’re planning a move in Boston, there’s only a few scenarios where we would not recommend getting a parking permit for the move:

Driveway – if you have your own driveway that can accommodate a large moving truck, no permit will be necessary. Be sure to measure out all three dimensions – a lot of people overlook the height issue, but a low hanging wire or branch can prevent you from parking the moving truck in the driveway.

Parking Lot – If your building has it’s own parking lot, you might not have to get a permit. You should check in with the property manager and find out if you are allowed to park the truck in the lot, and make a reservation if necessary. Some parking lots are not made for a large truck, so be sure to check with the property manager in advance.

Loading Dock – If your building has a loading dock, you should not need a parking permit. In most cases, the loading dock will need to be reserved in advance, so make sure you reach out to a property manager well in advance of the move.

Commercial Loading Zone – In some rare cases, a building will have its own commercial loading zone available to tenants. Find out if this space needs to be reserved in advance so you can decide if you can use that, or if you’d be better off getting a parking permit.

Other than those (somewhat rare) scenarios, we always suggest obtaining a parking permit for your move. If you need help, Big City Moving Co. can help obtain permits for Boston (all neighborhoods), Cambridge, Somerville, & Brookline. There’s also The Permit Guy or Permit Puller, who can be hired to obtain permits in the Greater Boston area as well.

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