BBB Accredited Movers For Six Years (and Counting)

BBB Accredited Movers For Six Years

Big City Moving Company is celebrating six years of accreditation with the Better Business Bureau this week! Through our steadfast commitment to customer service and providing a great product, we have maintained and excellent rapport with the BBB and with our clients. In fact, Big City Moving remains one of the few A+ Rated Movers in the Boston area.

Why Does It Matter? 

To us, being BBB Accredited movers means that we are committed to our customer. We will do everything within our power to provide the best product to our clients. If any issues do arise, we act fast to find a resolution to keep our customers happy. Having the seal of the BBB to back us is a reminder that our reputation is in you (our clients) hands. We believe that we can and will provide the best service possible.

Although we have been in business longer than six years, we feel like this is a huge milestone for our company. As a younger company, there can be a sharp learning curve. Some mistakes needed to happen in order to better ourselves and figure out what it takes to provide the best service. We got accredited to show that we are a “Better Business” and that we have excellent business practices. We aren’t afraid for people to look in at our company and learn more about us, because we believe that people will be very happy with what they learn about us.

What Does It Mean For You? 

Discount time! Just because we are so excited about our six years with the Better Business Bureau – we will take $6 off of the rates for all of our services! Just mention code BBB-6 to apply the discount to your move!

Five Years Strong With The Better Business Bureau (…and Counting)

5 Years with BBB A+ RatingWe wanted to share our excitement with our readers for our official five year Certificate from the Better Business Bureau! It’s hard to believe, but we have been maintaining our A+ Rating with the BBB for a full five years now! People have asked us what we have to do to maintain our rating. There are many facets of it, and we take all of them very seriously.

1. Putting The Customer First

We feel like this goes above all else. No matter what happens on a job, good or bad, you have to give your customer the respect that they deserve. Having an A+ Rating does not mean that we’re a perfect company – it just means that when things don’t go perfectly, we do everything in our power to give our customers satisfaction.

2. Professional Integrity 

It is incredibly important to maintain a level of professionalism and integrity that is consistent from one job to the next, day after day, month after month, year after year. We have never had any customer feel like we did a bait-and-switch, or hid fees that appear on the final bill, or anything else that would leave an unpleasant feeling. It goes back to our first rule of putting the customer first. We are forthright with all of our practices and charges from the very first contact we make with a customer, and we strive to have a solid followthrough as well.

3. Clean Up The Mess

To put it straight, there’s no way that every job can go perfectly. No matter how good and reliable you and your team are, there is going to be a time when something doesn’t go to plan. If this effects the customer, we make it our top priority to take care of the issue immediately, and to find a resolution that is fair for everybody. This is a crucial part of our commitment to our customer.

We feel that these are the three biggest factors in remaining one of the most trusted moving businesses in the Boston area. We work hard to keep our customers happy, and we take our job very seriously.