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Summertime Moving Tips – How To Protect Your Stuff In A Rainstorm

If you’re in the Boston area, you must have seen the crazy storm yesterday. What if you’re mid-move and you see the storm clouds roll in? Today’s guide will help you protect yourself, your house, and your things if your move coincides with a summer storm.

1. Know When To Hold Off

This is really the most important thing. You can do some things to prevent any damages, but the fact of the matter is; heavy storms are dangerous. You might have to wait it out for a bit until it’s safe to continue. You might not want to hear that, especially if you have movers that are on the clock for your move. However, if you don’t heed to nature’s warning and give it a rest while things clear up, you’ll have to sign a Waiver of Liability (see a sample). If someone is injured, or if your items are damaged – you could be held liable.

2. Wrap And Cover Everything That Could Be Damaged By Rain

This pretty much goes without saying. A moving company should have mattress covers, shrink wrap, moving pads, and other means to protect your things. If the storm isn’t too crazy but there is some light rain, you’ll need to protect all electronics and a lot of your furniture. It can be best to hold off on moving boxes that could split open and damage the contents if at all possible.

3. Designate A Landing Area For Your Belongings

If you have movers entering and leaving the house, you probably don’t want them to track rainy or muddy shoes throughout the house. If you can confine it to a room that is close to the entrance, you’ll save a lot of time cleaning up once your move is complete.

4. Protect Your Floors Or Carpets

Your movers should be able to lay down moving pads, at the very least, to protect your floors. On occasion (and usually be request), you can have them bring floor protection such as Builder Board to make a path or completely cover a floor. When the move is over, you simply remove and recycle the floor protection.

5. Have Back-Up Lighting Available

Many people lost power, at least for a short period, during yesterday’s storm. This can be very dangerous when moving. If you have some camping lanterns or flashlights handy, these can help to ensure that your movers can see where they need to go and help prevent any damages.

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