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Stress-Free Packing Tips For Moving Into A New House

Moving house is a life-changing event in a person’s or family’s life. It brings plenty of changes into their lifestyle and a lot of new things to cope with. It’s never easy to leave the life that you are used to and move to a completely new place, whether it’s in the same area, cross-country or long-distance. A house move is a challenge for everyone involved. It’s a time-consuming, exhausting and emotional process that consists of a few stages. One of the hardest of these stages is the packing process – lengthy and often frustrating, the packing can bring lots of stress and anxiety. People don’t like packing, because it’s too mechanical and they feel that they simply have to rush to get it done on time. Having a tight schedule makes things even harder. Everyone who is facing an upcoming house move wants to be able to pack in a stress-free way. Here are some useful tips on how to do that:

  • Get quality packing material.

It may sound like common sense, but there are many people who have no idea what kind of packing material and supplies they need, not to mention specific techniques. The first step is to get all the material you will need, even if there is some extra. This means buying sturdy cardboard moving boxes in various sizes or getting them from local supermarkets and department stores. You will also need enough material for padding and wrapping fragile items – you could use bubble wrap, linen, newspaper or plain paper.

  • Prepare a checklist.

Make sure you write down a checklist and follow a strict schedule. Distribute packing tasks among the members of your family and friends and relatives who are helping you.

  • Pack in an organized manner.

Always start with the hardest room to pack and the non-essentials items. Pack box by box and room by room. Pack similar items together and use padding on the bottom of the boxes containing china, glassware and other breakables.

  • Use the right tools.

After a box is fully packed (make sure you can lift it without too much effort), use packing tape to keep the lids securely closed. Use straps to keep boxes together and move them on a dolly. Get moving blankets for moving the heavy furniture. Wrap appliances and furniture in stretch wrap to protect them properly.

  • Get professional help.

You might not be able to afford full packing services, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get help. Call a few friends and relatives to give you a helping hand. This way you will manage quicker and easier, and most importantly, with less stress.

Packing safely is the most important thing. Stress is inevitable, especially if you are a first-time mover, but you can reduce it by following the above-mentioned tips and tricks.

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