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Springtime Moving Tips To Make Your Move Easier

We are making the most of this beautiful spring morning today. While it’s officially been spring for almost two weeks, I think it’s safe to say that today’s weather is what we all look for when we think about the spring. Moving during this time of the year can actually be a very pleasant experience, when juxtaposed with the brutal summer heat and humidity or the frost and snow of winter. It’s the #1 season for getting extra things done around the home, and whether you’re moving or not, you can make the most of that by following our springtime moving tips

Have a Yard Sale

Even if you’re not planning a move at this time, having a yard sale can be a great way to get rid of some extra things around the house, and pick up some extra cash. If you are planning a move, it’s always smart to get rid of the things that you won’t need well in advance of the move. Paying to move or store them can get quite costly, and if there is no plan to use those items in the foreseeable future, you can avoid getting sucked into a cycle of hanging onto old clutter. 

Want to attract more people to your yard sale? If you organize with some neighbors and agree on a date that will work for a larger group, you’re likely to bring in a lot of buyers for everyone. Even if you don’t get rid of everything you’d like to, you’ll have a good chance to trade or give it away to your neighbors. 

Clean Out The Neglected Areas

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give a lot of thought to organizing the shed, garage, or basement storage areas. Spring time can be a great time of year to get to these areas that are so often overlooked. Maybe you’ve got skis that haven’t hit the powder since 1998, or that treadmill/coat-rack that seemed like a better idea at the time. For one thing, items like that can still hold a pretty decent value, and would do well at your yard sale. For another – if you have items like this collecting dust in your house and you’re thinking about moving, it’s crazy to bring them to the new home. Reducing this clutter before your move will help save a lot of time, money, and aggravation when you get to moving day. 

DIY Renovation Projects

More people choose the springtime as the best time to start a do-it-yourself home renovation. If you are selling your house, you might need to replace the windows, or do work in the bathroom, or any number of things to help you get the most for your old house. Plan ahead so you can try to have your renovations complete before the house hits the market. It will make it sell faster, and you can sell a potential buyer on the work you’ve just completed.  

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