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Smart Storage Solutions for Summer

So, you’ve already made the very wise decision to make a bit of extra cash this summer by renting out your apartment or a few rooms of your house to some temporary visitors. You’ve gone through the challenging process of finding the right tenant – they are trustworthy, clean and honest – and you’ve arranged dates, payment and logistics. Now you are wondering ‘what on earth should I do with all my worldly possessions?’

Here are some handy tips of how to arrange and store your most precious items while you jet off to the south for six weeks:


1. Prioritise your most valuable items!


No matter how much you trust your new tenants – they may even be a friend of yours – it’s always better to be safe than sorry.  If you’ve got a few collectable 19th century paintings lying around or your grandmother’s engagement ring in your jewellery box, make sure you are comfortable with where you leave them. The best bet is to remove them from the house; leave them with close, long-term friends or family members that you can trust. Alternatively, invest in a safe with a sturdy key-lock or complex combination to keep your mind at rest while you’re away.


2. Remove your personal items.


Ideally, you want to make your place – or at least the bedroom and bathroom – look like a smart hotel room for the perfect guest experience. Clear the clothes from closets and chests of drawers and pack them away in one out-of-bounds room, a garage or with friends so that the tenants can unpack their own things really makes themselves at home. The same goes, in fact even more so, for the bathroom. Get rid of all your personal products – this shouldn’t be hard seeing as they’ll either be quite disposable or you’ll want to take them with you. Not only will a clutter-free bathroom transform your place from a 2 to a 5 star location, your temporary residents won’t have to feel uncomfortable about showering next to your anti-dandruff shampoo. In other rooms, de-cluttering surfaces is again an excellent idea – you want your home to look polished and well-kept – but most non-personal ornaments and decorations should be fine and will even add character to your home, reminding tenants that it is exactly that; a home. Finally, it might be a good idea to take down family photos – especially those more embarrassing ones. Both for the comfort of the guest and your own privacy and security, it’s best to make your house as impersonalised as possible.


3. Strategically store the essentials.


Fingers crossed you’ll get tenants who are willing and able to keep your place up to your standards while you’re absent – to do this, they’ll need some essential cleaning products and appliances. Put the vacuum cleaner and its fellow cleaning appliance friends in an obvious and easily accessible location then arrange the window cleaner, leather polisher and the like in an orderly fashion, perhaps underneath the kitchen sink. You could even write an inventory list with clear directions on where your guests can find everything they need. It also wouldn’t be totally terrible to leave behind some staple ingredients like herbs and spices in the cupboard and some long-life milk in the basement. Think about the essentials you wouldn’t want to travel without and would need to have in a temporary residence!

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