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“Should I Empty The Drawers Before Moving Furniture?”

One question that we are frequently asked is “Do I need to empty out the drawers on my furniture before I move it?” What better place to answer a question about moving furniture than right here on our blog

As a general rule of thumb, certain things just can’t remain in the drawers when it comes time to move. Anything that is breakable or heavy should be removed from the drawers and carefully packed away separately. A few things that should definitely be removed from any drawers would be:

• Anything with glass.

• Any jewelry (it can be moved around and get stuck underneath drawers or fall out completely).

• Books, CDs, DVDs, etc. These items are just too heavy, and can cause damage to the furniture or to themselves and other items in the drawer.

What Can You Leave In The Drawers?

As long as you don’t jam-pack it, it is okay to leave clothes, towels, linens, and those sorts of items in the drawers. Keep in mind that the furniture is going to be lifted, so if it has an excessive amount of items, it might make the piece unwieldy and cumbersome. That said, as long as you leave an appropriate amount if items in the furniture, it can be a great way to save time and to cut back on a few boxes here and there.

If the furniture needs to be navigated through a winding staircase or some other challenging obstacles in order to move it, it is best to remove everything completely – even the drawers themselves. The furniture may need to be flipped on its side or upside-down, and removing the drawers will ensure that they don’t get rattled around or fall out.

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