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Quick And Easy Moving Tips – Cleaning Your New Home

When moving into a new home, we all have that vision of how we’d like to set everything up. While most people’s vision includes the positioning of the furniture and decor, nobody pictures old dirt and grime! Even if you’re moving into a brand new house, chances are it’s got dust and other things that will need to be touched up. Today’s blog will help you determine the best way to move into a house that is free from dirt, dust, debris, and all that other nasty stuff. 

When Should You Clean?

Certain things are best cleaned before anything is moved into the house. Cleaning the floors and walls is simply easier before you have furniture and other belongings getting in your way.

Other tasks, like cleaning out cabinets and drawers, washing windows, and polishing counter-tops can be done as you’re unpacking. Boxes and furniture shouldn’t be an obstacle for these cleaning jobs.

Keep An Eye For Detail

You want your new home to feel new, right? To us, that means ensuring that no stone go unturned, so-to-speak. A lot of people overlook cleaning windowsills, and then wind up looking at all the dust and stuff that might have accumulated over any number of years. The same goes for cleaning the kitchen appliances; having a nice clean refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher will help to make your new home sparkle and shine. Here’s a quick checklist of frequently overlooked chores.

• Windows – Windex or similar for the glass, a good soapy sponge or towel(s) for the windowsills

• Refrigerator – We recommend cleaning inside the fridge before you unpack your food into it. The outside and underneath/behind (if necessary) can be done any time.

• Stove/Oven – Unless you have a brand new oven, this will likely have some stuff cooked onto it. Clean it out and make it new!

• Porches/Patios/Walkways – A simple sweeping goes a long way!

• Ceiling Fans – You don’t realize just how much dirt and dust these things pick up until you shut it off! If you have pets, it can be even worse.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help!

We know how difficult and stressful moving can be, even without having to clean up your new home. Call a cleaning service. A one time clean-out when you move in is usually very affordable, and will allow you to stay focused on the moving aspect instead of cleaning. We’ve even seen people so satisfied with the one time clean-out that they hire the cleaners for a monthly cleaning.

What do you think? Do you have any tips that we can add for cleaning up for a move? Leave them in the comments section!

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