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Professional Packing Tip: Quick, Easy, Efficient Labeling

Many of the customers that we speak to talk about how tedious it is to write out labels for every box, again and again, when they’re packing for a move. While labeling the most important boxes is inevitable, you can cut back on the hand made labels while remaining efficient with simple stickers. 

As you can see from the image on the side, specialty labels are designed specifically for packing. Even if you just need to get your labels quickly and don’t have time to hunt down these specialty labels, you can still use simple office colored dot stickers to color-code your boxes, furniture, appliances, or whatever else needs it.

This quick tip can really help the flow of your move stay consistent. Instead of watching every item come into your new house and directing the movers on where to bring it, they will be able to take a quick glance and see where the items need to go, and you can remain free to handle other tasks.

One thing to keep in mind is that if all of the labels are exactly the same, it might still take a while to find your most important things. You can remedy this by using two or three stickers for more important items that you will need faster, or by writing a label for the most essential items.

Trust us – once you see how easy it is to use these simple labels for your move, you’re never going to move without them again!

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