Boston Movers – Big City Moving Co – Furniture Hoisting Services

There are times when an item will simply not fit into, or out of your residence. Some doors may be too narrow, or a longer item just won’t make a tight turn in the staircase. If you can’t live without that big TV, stainless-steel appliance, or new couch, you may have an option. Big City Moving Company may be able to hoist your item(s) onto the roof, over a balcony, or through a window. Your item will be securely wrapped and a crew of professionals will use heavy-duty straps to lift or lower your item(s) on the outside of the building. Special care will be taken to ensure safety and that there is no damage to your item or residence. Charges for hoisting items are determined by weight, height (number of stories), accessibility, as well as the number of pieces. Give us a call at 781-209-1750 to get a price quote.

Included for FREE in most moves:

  •  Fully Equipped 15 or 24-ft Truck

  •  Experienced, Trained Moving Professionals

  •  Specialized Equipment to Speed up your Move

  •  Free Basic Insurance Coverage ($.60 per pound per article)

  •  Disassembly/Reassembly Of Basic Furniture if Necessary

  •  No Charge for Stairs and Long Carry

  •  Superior Customer Service