Boston Moving Company – Big City Moving

Big City Moving Company knows Boston. From the treacherous staircases of the North End and Beacon Hill, to the duplexes in Allston/Brighton, to the high-rises of Downtown Boston – we’ve done it all! We have over ten years of experience in Boston, and we can help with all of your city moving needs.

If you’re planning a move to Boston, you should check out our Ultimate Guide For Moving To Boston! We have installments for almost every neighborhood in Boston, and you can request more info on any!

Services include:

Parking Permit Acquisition / Posting – Don’t get caught off-guard for your move! Parking permits ensure you get the best possible parking space, and will help to avoid expensive parking violations.

Hoisting – Not to beat a dead horse, but there are some very tight stairways in the Boston area (we’re looking at you, Beacon Hill / North End!). It’s just not possible to fit a large box spring, armoir, sofa, bureau, or some other large pieces up the stairs. If you have a porch/balcony or a large enough window, we can still help you get your pieces where they need to go!

Pack And Move – The thought of packing up your entire life can be daunting. Many of our customers would rather leave it to the pros than go through the emotional and physical toil of packing on their own. We can provide boxes, tape, mattress covers, and anything else you need to get the job done.

Student Moving Discounts – Nobody knows the value of a dollar like a college student. We offer moves to any college student in the area at greatly reduced prices! Fill out an estimate at Student Moving Estimates.

Commercial Moving Services – Big City Moving Company has a team of well-experienced commercial movers. We’ve done offices, warehouses, retail shops, doctor offices, and much more. We have flexible availability, if you need your job done before or after normal operating hours.

We do moves all over Boston, and also statewide. Call (617) 209-9226 for a free estimate now!