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Preparing For A Massive Winter Storm

You’re probably not hearing about it from us for the first time, but it looks like we’re in for a doozy. The most recent forecasts are saying that 30″ could fall by Saturday afternoon. This one storm could be significantly more snow than we had in the entire year last year. With that in mind, it’s easy to see how we could be caught off-guard. Whether you’re planning a move or not, check out our blog post for some great information to help keep you safe throughout the storm. 

Reschedule Everything That You Can

When the snow starts falling, it’s likely that the City of Boston will call a snow emergency right away. They could even call it before the snow comes. That essentially means that if you can avoid driving at any cost, to avoid it. If you are able to reschedule any meetings/appointments you have for after the storm, it’ll make your life a lot easier and reduce the risk of getting into an accident.

Keep Your Car Off The Street

A street parking ban is all-but guaranteed at this point. That means cars left on the street could be subject to ticket, towing, or possible damage from plows. Do whatever you have to do to get your car to a safe spot. If you can park it in a driveway, definitely do that. If you don’t have your own driveway or garage, bring it to a public garage that you’ll be able to access later.

Get Your Snow Gear Ready

We haven’t had much snowfall up to this point, so there’s a good chance that your snow gear is still packed away. You don’t want to have to trudge through heaps of snow to get what you need from a garage or shed. It’s best to have this gear ready now, so you can see if you may need to replace anything. Some things to look for:

• Waterproof jacket/snow pants

• Gloves, hat, scarf

• Boots

• Shovel

• Ice melt/rock salt

• Snow blower (if you have one)

Stock Up On Supplies

We recommend going to the grocery store before the snow comes. Make sure you have plenty of food, and all the other essentials. It might be difficult to go out to the market later if you forget something, so try to have everything ready in advance.


Stay warm and safe out there! Let us know if you have any other winter weather tips to stay warm and safe!


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