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Planning in Advance for Your Move With a Solid Checklist

Imagine creating a moving checklist when you’re not even planning a move. That’s actually the best time to make one. Stress-free, you are open to all your moving tasks without feeling the daunting pressure of an actual forthcoming move.

While organizing your checklist, keep in mind the following pointers:

Make a Record

Take photos or a video of your current living space. Photos or a visual record will help you keep track of your possession’s conditions, in case something is damaged during the move. This inventory also provides a record of where items were located in case you draw a blank on “where we kept that crystal vase Aunt Judy gave us.”

Log the Move

Track moving expenses, and create a day-by-day activity log to double-check that tasks are completed. While packing, number each box, and include in your log what is in each numbered box. Now you’ll know at your destination exactly what box Aunt Judy’s vase is in.

Find Your Moving Company

Use a service that connects you with qualified and trustworthy movers. Upon signing up, you’ll create a profile of your move. Hundreds of carriers will see it, and place a bid to do the move. You’ll be able to compare rates and timetables to find the right mover for your needs. Or you can use Aunt Judy’s nephew’s company, “One Guy With an Old Truck.”

Host a Garage Sale

It’s moving time? Time to de-clutter. Plan two months before the move to have a garage or yard sale. Use an online printing service to print flyers and signs for advertising your yard sale. Also check out Craigslist and post on social networking websites to promote your yard sale. Donate items not sold to a local charity or Goodwill. Local papers, online ads and “freecycling” groups are other avenues for re-purposing your belongings.

Plan the Layout

Make a note that two weeks before the move, create sketches for where furniture and other large items will go in your destination living space. Make measurements if necessary. This task improves efficiency, so you aren’t making those decisions as the movers are squeezing your sectional couch around the corner of your new space.

Verify the Checklist

One week before the move, verify the dates and times for moving with everybody involved. Movers should be able to walk into your current house and start moving boxes. Forming a communicative moving team contributes to a pleasant moving day.

Plan the Unpacking

Two days before moving day, prioritize your boxes. Where should each box go and in what order? This helps have your necessities readily available and easy to locate. Unpacking will be less stressful and frustrating.

Relax, It’s Only Moving Day

A good checklist organizes a move. File your checklist away, and look forward to an easy move for whenever the occasion arises.

Do you have tips for moving? Share them in the comments.

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