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Planning A Move To Boston In January

Well, 2013 is finally upon us, and we’re ready to get back to business-as-usual. The holidays can make business planning (like all other planning) a bit hectic, and as much as we enjoyed them, it’s good to have them behind us. We know that some of you out there are still planning moves for the upcoming weeks and months, and we’re going to do out best to get you prepared and ready to go! If you’re planning a move to Boston (or from Boston), the first step is to read this blog post! 

Planning Out Your Move

Trying to plan a move during winter in New England can be crazy. You may have a date in mind for months in advance, but if it coincides with a nasty winter storm, you may just have to reschedule. That’s why the #1 Rule is to be flexible! No matter what you do, how well-prepared you are, and how much time you spent planning every aspect of your move, you should always have a backup plan. You just may have to push your move back a few days if the conditions aren’t right. What can you do to maintain flexibility?

Don’t Fill Your Work Schedule – While this may be the biggest challenge, it’s important to try to keep some space in your work schedule. If possible, keep every third day relatively open, so if you have to move some things around, it won’t inconvenience others.

Have Plan B In Mind – If the nasty weather hits, you don’t want to risk damaging your items or having anybody get injured. While keeping the schedule open might not work for everybody, you could plan on moving January 15, with a backup date of January 18 in the event that you need it.

Communication Is Key! – One of the most difficult parts of moving this time of year can be the uncertainty, especially with a rigorous work schedule. We recommend letting your employers know as much as you can let them know so that they can try to be flexible as well. Things may change at the last minute, and you just have to maintain a good line of communication so that you don’t have any issues on the work-front.

Follow The Weather Reports

While it may seem that weather forecasting is as scientific as alchemy around here, it’s still smart to pay attention to the forecasts. Meteorologists will often know about the bigger storms at least a few days in advance, although they may not be able to tell the exact path or time-frame. If your move date starts to look like it may be a blizzard, you may just want to make plans to reschedule before the date arrives. Talk with your movers and any other parties that could be affected by your move as well.

Keep The Winter Gear Handy

As your move date approaches, you’re probably going to be getting most of your items packed up and ready to go. Just be careful to keep the gear you may need readily available. That means shovels, ice melt/rock salt, snow boots, gloves, hats, etc. Anything that you may need if the snow comes should be easily accessible in case you wind up moving with a bit of snowfall.

Make Sure The Driveway Is Clear & Accessible

We’ve gone to moves this time of year that were doomed by unplowed driveways. While it’s not so common in the city for the driveway to be a pivotal part of a move, in areas where there may be long, hilly or windy driveways, keeping it clear can make or break your move. The fact is – if you have a quarter-mile of driveway and it’s covered in snow & ice, it’s not going to be safe for a large moving truck. Arrange to have a plow or other snow & ice removal to clear the driveway so that you can proceed with your move as planned.

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