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Packing Up Your Kids Room- Keeping it Fun and Stress Free

Moving with young children is hard, not only do they get under your feet during the move but the stress and change they experience during the move can cause no end of problems. One of the most stressful things for child and parent alike is the seemingly never ending task of packing up their room. Many small children don’t grasp the concept of temporary removals and will view their missing toys as being gone forever. To avoid this stress and confusion, here are some handy hints at keeping it fun for both you and your child.

Keep them informed

Though your child may be young, it is always important to keep them informed with informations appropriate to their age. Don’t baffle them with long explanations of the implications of the move or long winded details of what the new house will be like. Keep things short and easy to understand and make sure you use the same answers every time. That way is a child is feeling worried about the move they will be re-assured by the familiarity of the answers you provide to their numerous questions.

Make an Essentials Box

An essentials box is important during every move, especially when you are moving with small children. Ask your child to pick out a few toys and the clothes that they will want in the last 24 hours of the move. Take your child to a craft shop to get them lots of fun things to use during packing. To make it all seem less scary make sure their essentials box stands out from yours. Maybe spend the afternoon with them decorating their moving boxes so that the boxes look les menacing when it comes to loading them with their toys and clothes. Some children find making a scrapbook or keeping a diary of the move soothing, so encourage your child to keep a record of what is happening. By doing this your child can focus and make more sense of the move instead of feeling like its overwhelming them. Ask your child to read their diary to you, that way you can address any concerns they may have written but not spoken about.

Decide what to pack

Moving is a good time to make sure you have gotten rid of all your unwanted clutter so that you can start afresh in your new home. Due to the sheer amount of things children need and want you will find there is a large avenue for de-cluttering in your Childs room. However you must do this sensibly to make sure you don’t upset your child. Though they may not have played with something for a long time, your child might have an attachment to it that you don’t know about. Due to this, if your child is of an age where they understand what is going on, it is best to involve them in the clear out instead of doing it for them. Sit down with your child and go through their items, making a keep pile and a donate pile. If you have your special decorated boxes by this point get your child to put everything they want to keep in their decorated boxes. By doing this it makes the process more fun for the child and makes the idea of packing their belongings away easier to deal with.

During the whole process you may find your child gets very possessive of things you are wishing to get rid of. Explain to your child that you are going to donate unwanted items to charity and that they will go to other children who aren’t as lucky as they are. By reinforcing the idea that letting go of their possession is a positive thing you will find your child is more willing to get rid of things they do not want or need anymore.


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