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Packing Dishware So It Will Survive The Move

Many people ask us what the best way to pack dishware is. Today, (with a little help from industry giants Atlas Vanlines) I will give you step-by-step instructions! 

What You Will Need

Properly packing dishes requires dish barrel boxes, packing paper (newsprint), and packing tape.

The 8 Steps To Safely Packing Your Dishes

1. Select a medium-sized carton (or a mover-provided dishpack) and line the bottom of the carton with crumpled packing paper.

2. With packing paper stacked neatly in place on the work table, center one plate on the paper. Grasp a corner of several sheets and pull the paper over the plate until the plate is completely covered.

3. Stack a second plate on the first and, moving clockwise, grasp another corner of several sheets and pull them over the second plate.

4. Stack a third plate. Grasp the remaining two corners and fold using two sheets, one corner at a time over the plate.

5. Turn the wrapped stack of plates upside-down onto your paper.

6. Re-wrap the entire bundle. Start with one corner of packing paper and pull two sheets over thebundle; cover the bundle with the next corner, then the third corner; and finally, the fourth. (Non-fragile plates may be packed five or six to a bundle.)

7. Seal the bundle with packing tape.

8. Place the bundle of dishware in a medium-sized box (or dishpack) so that the plates are standing on edge.

Use this technique on all saucers, bread and butter dishes and other dishware. When packing smaller dishes, you may choose to stack in greater quantities.

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