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Organizing & Packing Tips For Easy Relocation

Moving house, so it is said, is up there with death and divorce as one of the most highly stressful experiences we can have in life. With so many jobs to do, things to organise and money to find, it is no wonder many movers are tearing their hair out by the time it comes to moving day. However, if doesn’t have to be like this. With a little preparation and some careful planning, you can move home without all the stress and hopefully with most of your hair intact.

Tip 1 – Start now

Even if you don’t know your moving date yet, even if you haven’t found a house, there is never a time which is too early to start preparing for the move. Little and often is the key, so that when it comes to the countdown to moving day, you’ll find you’re already half way there.

Tip 2 – Don’t move what you don’t need

Moving the same old junk from your cupboard to your box and then into another cupboard in your new home is a waste of your time. Be ruthless about what you take with you, and only move those things that you use regularly or love dearly.

Tip 3 – Start at the top

Start at the highest point in the house, and work your way down. The reason for this is firstly because the attic is often the place where you will spend most time de-cluttering and organising, so it’s good to start early, but secondly because if you pack up downstairs first, you’ll be tripping over boxes and bags for weeks whilst you’re trying to sort out the rest of the house.

•  Tip 4 – One room at a time

If you have a box room or guest bedroom, or can move one of the kids into the other kid’s room temporarily, then this room can be packed up first and then used for storage. You’ll be so glad you have a space to stack packed boxes over the next few weeks it will be worth the inconvenience of giving up a room. If you don’t have any room to give up, contact one of the removals London companies to find out about self storage options instead.

Tip 5 – Fill the boxes

Boxes should be filled to capacity, otherwise you risk them being squashed and the contents damaged. Having said that, you don’t want to fill boxes so much that they are too heavy to move. Put heavy objects at the bottom, and once it is becoming tough to lift the box, fill up the rest of the space with towels, blankets and cushions to protect your gear.

Tip 6 – Ask for help

As much as you want to do all your moving and shifting by yourself, some things are just easier done together. If you can afford to, get a moving team in to help on the actual day, leaving you to organise, plan and check things. If this doesn’t appeal to you, then invite a bunch of friends and relatives round to help with the lifting and shifting.

Author bio : Samuel Joyce is a writer by heart. He lives in London with his wife and his lovely child. He has contributed many articles related to home improvement, home removals and interior decoration. Besides he has also written about companies offering removal company in London.

  1. Great!! Organizing things is very important for easy relocation because Moving is very complicated; where do you even begin to start organizing a big move? Organizing your things for move-out day doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. Its really correct that If you pack less then you able to travel more.

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