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Obtaining Parking Permits For Moving Day

Moving on its own can be complicated enough. You should take every opportunity that you can to help ensure that your move won’t be more complicated than it needs to be. One of the ways that we recommend doing this is by acquiring parking permits for your moving truck (wherever applicable). Securing parking permits for your move can resolve many issues, including:

• No need to waste time searching for a spot

• No need to worry about getting expensive parking tickets

• Securing the closest spot means your movers will have to walk the shortest distance. This will save time and money on your move.


If your town or city offers moving permits, we recommend that you obtain them (or hire somebody to obtain them for you), UNLESS:

• You have your own driveway that will accomodate a moving truck. Watch out for low-hanging wires or overhangs, steep inclines, driveway width, and turning radius to allow the truck access to driveway.

• Your building owns a parking lot and offers truck parking spaces for moving

• There is a loading dock at your building


How do I obtain a parking permit?

The answer to this question tends to vary city by city. Usually, you would need to go to your city or town hall and speak with the Parking Clerk and/or the Department of Public Works. Certain cities require you to fill out an application, which could either be printed out and delivered or occasionally, an online submission form would be available.

Since this process is so widely variable, we recommend going to your city’s .gov webpage and doing a search for “Moving permits.” A few examples from the Boston area are below:

• City of Boston, MA

• City of Cambridge, MA

• City of Brookline, MA

• City of Somerville, MA


Big City Moving Co. also offers parking permit acquisition and sign posting. For more details, send us an email at

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