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Moving To Watertown, MA – Why We Love It Here

Today, we’re putting the spotlight on Watertown, MA, and why we think you should move here. It’s where our blogger resides, and it’s a great place for schools, families, and young professionals. Read through today’s blog and see why we think it’s one of the best places to live in the Boston area. 

Location Is Everything

Watertown is close enough to Boston and Cambridge to be convenient, but far enough away to feel like a town. There are a lot of large yards and hiking trails to remind us of the burbs, but we can hop on a bus and be at Harvard Square or Kenmore in about twenty minutes.

Watertown also neighbors Newton and Waltham. Sometimes, getting into the city can seem like a chore; you have to figure out parking situations, there could be traffic, and you need to make reservations for the things you’d like to do. Having easy access to Waltham and Newton gives you more options for things to do outside of Boston and Cambridge, if that’s your sort of thing.

The location is great for driving as well. There is great access to Route 2, Memorial Drive and Storrow, and the Pike. While there’s usually not a whole lot of traffic in most areas of Watertown, some areas (like the Main St/No.Beacon area) can get a little congested at rush hour.

Bang-To-Buck Ratio

One of the best parts about Watertown is that you get more for your money. Finding an apartment in Watertown won’t necessarily be cheaper than somewhere in Boston, but you’ll get more space and nicer amenities than you would in the city. Almost every place has a driveway or parking lot. We’ve seen many Watertown residences that have been fixed up and are just a lot nicer than the kinds of apartments that you’d find in the city (for the same price range).

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Watertown has homes that can suit almost anyone. From single family houses large enough for a big family to duplexes, apartment and condo buildings old and new, and just about everything in between, you can find it all in Watertown.

It’s The People Who Make It Special

I love my neighbors in Watertown. I’ve lived in a few different places in the area, and I’ve had great experiences everywhere. The friendly faces around town have made it even easier to call Watertown my home.


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