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Moving To Boston This July? Read This First!

Well, we just had another great Fourth of July here in Boston. The fireworks over the water looked great, despite the touchy weather conditions yesterday. If you’re planning a move to Boston this July, there are a few things to watch out for. Today’s blog will help prepare you for your move! 

1. Planning To Move At The Beginning Or End Of The Month Can Be Crazy

A majority of people are able to move into a place on or after the first of the month, and have to be out by the last day of the month. That applies every month. However, the summer months are especially busy for moving companies. If you’re planning a move, try to make arrangements to do it outside of the first or last week of the month, whenever possible. You’ll have an easier move and you’ll probably save some money.

2. Be Prepared For Many Of Boston’s Summer Events

During the summer, there seems to be an influx of events throughout Boston. There’s concerts and other events at the Esplanade, like the fireworks show on the 4th of July. Moving near Fenway can be very hectic if the Red Sox are playing a game in town. Beyond that, there are a lot of things that might not immediately hit your radar, but you should certainly try to be aware of them. One good place to check is’s Things To Do section, as well as the Red Sox schedule.

3. Obtain Moving Permits For Your Move

Like we already mentioned, there is a higher volume of people moving throughout the summer in Boston. Unless you have a designated parking spot, driveway, or loading dock, we strongly urge anyone moving in Boston to obtain parking permits for your move.

4. Stay Hydrated, and Keep Cool! 

Moving can be very stressful. A lot of times when our guys go out on moves, they’ll have the ‘push-on until the job is done’ mentality. However, our movers are conditioned for moving in the hot summer and are used to working in this environment. If you’re on moving yourself, you have to take the proper precautions to ensure that you don’t get heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Drink plenty of water, and keep the fans running to cool you down.

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