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Moving To Boston’s North End? Read This First!

If you’re planning a move to Boston’s North End neighborhood, there are definitely some things to watch out for. Stairways are generally very narrow, parking can be tricky, and scheduling around major events is crucial. Today’s blog will help get you prepared for your move to (or from) Boston’s North End! 

1. Maneuvering A Tight Stairway

While most people associate great food and a rich history with the North End, movers think about narrow, twisting stairways. A majority of buildings have no elevator and stairways that are not built for moving furniture. There are some things that you can do to help make sure your furniture gets to where it’s going.

• Remove legs and anything that can be removed – Sometimes, the couple of inches that you get from taking the legs off of a sofa are the difference of it making it into your home. Likewise, if there are parts of your furniture that can be removed, it’s best to remove them and re-assemble the piece once you get it where it needs to go.

• Wrap everything – When we say these stairways can be a tight squeeze, we mean it. Pieces of furniture might have to rub against a wall or doorway to fit through the door. Wrapping a moving pad to your furniture can avoid damages to the walls and doorways as well as your furniture.

• Split box-springs – Maybe you already have a full sized box spring, but if you’re getting a new mattress and box spring, make sure to request a split box. While a mattress can bend and flex to fit around tight corners, you don’t have that flexibility with the box spring. Many box springs larger than a twin size simply will not make it up these stairways.

• Find another way up – More hoisting and crane lifting is done in the North End than any other neighborhood of Boston. It can be easier (or possible) to fit a piece through a window or over a balcony when it will not go up the stairs. That doesn’t mean everything will fit, but it’s a second chance if and when the stairs fail. Warning!: We strongly urge you to hire professional movers whenever hoisting services are required! There is a high risk of injury or damage, and having an experienced mover could save a lot of trouble!

2. Obtain Parking Permits
 – Due to a high frequency of major events, all parking permits for Boston’s North End must be given approval from Patricia Patte. You can reach her at (617) 828-2509 to request parking permits. Permits would still be acquired up at City Hall in Boston once approval is given for your move date and location.

3. Try To Plan Around Major Events keeps a pretty thorough calendar of events for Boston’s North End (as well as the rest of Boston). When you’re planning your move, it is a very good idea to check with them and make sure that you won’t be facing major traffic and blocked roads during your move. Check the calednar of events for The North End at this link.


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