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Moving Tips – How To Pack And Move A Dresser

One question we are frequently asked by our customers is “how should you prepare a dresser for a move?” While it can be possible to move a dresser with some items remaining in the drawers, it really is best to properly pack things away in a box before moving it. Leaving the furniture with items in the drawer can distribute weight within the dresser that can cause damage on the drawers and even the structure of the furniture itself. by leaving it empty, it is much more structurally sound, and will be much better prepared for any move. 

1. Unpack the drawers into a box

Remember to put any have or solid items down at the bottom. Anything that you want to protect should be wrapped up (you can use a towel or t-shirt for many things) and then placed into the box. We found a great video from on how to efficiently pack the contents of the dresser.

2. Remove shelves, mirrors, and other accessories

Before moving a piece, you’ll need to remove any accessories that are not built for moving. If the dresser has a mirror attached, that will definitely need to be removed. If the piece has any shelves that rest on pegs (i.e. not bolted into place), you’ll want to remove them as well as the pegs.

3. Wrap the dresser with a moving pad and tape

Once you have the furniture empty, you’re going to want to properly wrap it for transportation. If the piece is of manageable weight, you can leave the drawers in it. Secure the drawers and pad in place by taping the pad to the furniture.

4. Use lifting straps if necessary 

While most dressers can be handled pretty easily with two strong movers, some pieces are a bit tricker to deal with. This is especially true for taller dressers or armoires, where you might not be able to lift it from the bottom. by using lifting straps, you can keep the piece at a comfortable height and avoid hitting ceilings or doorframes.

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