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Moving Sucks! Here’s How It Doesn’t Have To

The glass half-full philosophy can be applied to anything in life — even moving — because moving sucks. The idea of moving every single item in your home to a new location is unfavorable and overwhelming. As long as you start early and stay organized even moving can have positive points.

For your next move, make it a more pleasant experience with the following ideas:

Work Out of the Day

As you pack, carry boxes and move furniture, you’re burning calories and working on your fitness. Picking up boxes to carry from one location to another and transferring furniture is practically the equivalent of weight lifting. Throw on your tennis shoes, work out clothes and get ready to move — your belongings and your body. While carrying those heavy boxes and large furniture, remember that you’re stronger than you think. According to you can burn, on average, 288 calories per hour while moving household furniture. Visit to calculate how many calories you’d burn while carrying boxes by entering your weight and minutes spent exercising. So flex your muscles and use moving as your work out of the day!

Change of Address Cards

Ensure that your friends and family know about your new address because when mail gets sent to an old, wrong address you’re susceptible to mail fraud scams, mail theft and identity theft. Although changing your address on can be a pesky task, telling your friends and family of the happy news doesn’t have to be. offers a collection of cute and trendy moving announcement cards that you can send as a creative way to alert everyone of your big change. Moving boxes, paper airplanes and rearview reflection are fun designs for sharing your new address and even saying hi.

De-cluttering & Downsizing

Since you will have to handle all your possessions, this is the opportune time to toss out excess clutter and junk. Whether you take items to the Dumpster or Goodwill, the process will feel reinvigorating and energizing. Not only will you not have to move all that extra weight, you can start fresh at your new home while you unpack and decorate. Let go of pictures that used to adorn your college dorm, old, out-of-style clothes that you’re emotionally attached to, or items you have never even used. Take time to review files and paperwork in your office and shred outdated documents before they can be lost or misplaced. Review current service providers and investigate new ones before you move. Streamlining your possessions will create a healthier lifestyle and domestic satisfaction.

Quality Time With Girlfriends

Ask your girlfriends to come over for a night of wine and appetizers while you pack up your place. If you’re feeling really sassy, you and your friends can reenact “Sex & The City”  to help decide what outfits and should stay or go — or your friends can just keep you company while you pack. When I moved from one apartment to another, just my girlfriends helped me. We were four Rosie the Riveters loading a U-Haul with a kitchen table, an IKEA couch, desk and boxes full of kitchenware and clothes. Moving with your girlfriends is also a great way to meet new, cute neighbors — especially kind that are single and male.

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