Moving & Storage Tips From Our Guest Blogger, Joseph Ver!

As the spring semester is nearing its halfway mark, moving out of my apartment is on my mind. To be quite honest, although I still have two months before I move, I’m stressing out about my impending move. I go to college in Austin, Texas, but I’m originally from San Antonio. As you can imagine, moving my furniture and appliances back to San Antonio isn’t necessarily a smart thing to do as I’ll be returning to Austin a few months later. That’s what storage is for. Using a storage unit for a temporary move can help during that transition. Look for a storage unit near you. Here are some moving and storage tips that you can use whether you’re a student like me, or you’re merely relocating.

-Look out for free boxes! The last thing a college student wants to do is spend more money on something they would rather not spend money on. Ask around your family or friends if they could donate any boxes to help you pack up. Look around local businesses and ask if they have any spare boxes. That would be one less expense in your move.

-Be a smart packer. Organize everything so things that you’re bringing back home will stay with you and things that you want in storage will go there. This will make it easier on whoever is helping you move out. You also don’t want to accidentally put your toiletries in a box that’s placed in a storage unit. If you accidentally place something that’s of big importance in a box that will be placed in a storage unit, you’ll have to come back to the city just to pick it up. Know what you’re packing and label it so it goes in the right place.

Or pack a toiletries bag. The last thing you want to do when you move out is to unpack. What’s worse is when you don’t want to unpack, but you have to unpack everything  because you stored your toiletries… somewhere. Wait a day to unpack. Until then, bring a bag with toiletries and a change of clothes. This will definitely make your next move easier.

Share storage with a friend. Depending on how many things you have and the storage unit you rented, you might not have enough to fill the unit. Share both the unit and the cost with a friend that is also looking for storage. Make sure you trust them as they will also have access to that unit.

Do you have any other college moving tips? Share them through the comments!

Joseph Ver is an intern at SpareFoot. He is a double major in Digital Media Management and Marketing at Saint Edward’s University. His hobbies include cooking, exploring the city of Austin, and finding good places to eat.

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