Moving a Relative to a Nursing Home

Moving a Relative to a Nursing HomeFor many it is a difficult time when you have to make the decision to move a relative into a Nursing Home. It may also be a difficult time for the relative
who is being moved for, though it is clear they need to be cared for more closely and you are making the right decision in moving them, they may feel very
anxious at the thought of being confronted with so much change at this late stage in their life – especially when they are already vulnerable. Obviously,
you will be treating this move with nothing but sensitivity and close personal attention but here are some little tips that you might find helpful in
thinking about the specifics of their new space and some general points.

Ask for help:

The Nursing Home will be able to provide guidance on exactly what they provide and the things that they advise you to bring with you for the move. Make
sure that you are fully aware of their policies and exactly how many home comforts they will allow into your relative’s new room. For example it might be really lovely to dress your relative’s bed in some linen from home and maybe
bring some of their own pillows but you don’t want to be overstepping the mark in terms of the infection control measures in place at the home. You would
be best to check and then either have the linen and bedding cleaned to the appropriate standards or ask the home how they would recommend you make sure
everything is appropriate. You don’t to add unnecessary pressure to moving day by arriving unprepared.

Don’t think of it as a house move:

In terms of actual furniture, the chances that you have to bring anything from your relative’s current home are unlikely as it is more than likely they
will be moving into a place that is already furnished. If possible try to visit first and make sure that all the necessaries are there and make a note of
any additions you will need. When a relative is moved into a nursing home, it is unlikely they will be returning to their previous home so it is the
perfect opportunity for a house clearance. In fact, the house clearance may well not be an option if you are selling the previous home. Divvy up the things
your relative will not want with them and then perhaps try to sell the other possessions to help pay for the nursing home.

Surround but don’t smother:

In this new room make sure you surround your relative with pictures and mementos that make it clear just how loved this relative is. Photos of family and
friends, including those who aren’t here anymore are lovely but make sure you’re tasteful about it. You don’t to surround your relative with so many
pictures and reminders of things they can no longer be a part of that their new room becomes unpleasant to them. As many pictures or special ornaments as
they had in their bedroom in the old house are probably a good indication of what they are used to and how they feel about decoration.

The most important thing is treating the whole move with sensitivity and positivity. This move is the best thing for all involved parties and it should
therefore be treated without regret and with the necessary excitement and optimism.