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Moving On A Budget – 3 Quick Tips To Help You Save Money!

Let’s face it – moving can rack up a hefty bill. We get a lot of questions from our customers about what you can do to save money on your move. Today, we’ll go over a few ideas.

Collect Free Boxes

Make a point to collect a few boxes when you go anywhere that might have them. You can usually find good boxes for books and other small items at beer and wine stores. BJ’s and Costco usually have a pretty wide variety of boxes, some of which could be very useful.

You won’t be able to get every box you need this way. There’s no substitute for a hanging wardrobe box or a reinforced dish barrel, but if you can cut down 10 or 20 small to medium sized boxes, you could save over $50 right there!


Do As Much As You Can Before Moving Day

The more that you get done before you have movers in the house is the less that they will have to do when they’re there. Since most moving companies charge by the hour, that means that you can save money by eliminating some of the tasks that they would otherwise need to do.

• Packing – Take care of as much packing as you can. We recently had a blog post offering tips for packing, which will help you out. Even if you set aside some items that you would rather have packed by a professional, try to do as much of the packing yourself to save time on your move.

• Dis-Assemble TVs, Computers, A/V Equipment, Appliances, Etc – This can save a lot of time on your move as well. Try to get all of these items apart (and even packed into boxes, if possible) so that when the movers arrive, they simply have to bring them out to the truck. If you’ve never handled any of these items on your own, we recommend creating labels in order to keep all of the cables organized.

• Prep Furniture That Requires Dis-Assembly – If you have beds, it’s a good idea to remove all the bedding, put the mattress and box spring up against the wall, and try to take the frame apart. Most beds simply lock into place, and assembling and dis-assembling them isn’t a major task. However, it seems to be the case that if it’s not very simple, it’s very difficult. Use your judgement, and if you would feel more confident having a professional handle the assembly, just say so.

Aside from beds, there are other items that you can help with. Removing a mirror from a bureau is usually relatively simple. If there are loose shelves on any bookcases or entertainment centers, you can take them and wrap a blanket or towels around them to keep them from being scratched. Removing any legs or leafs from a table can save a little more time.

• Stage Any Items That Are Ready To Be Moved – If you’ve completed the previous steps, this is the next thing to do. If you can move any boxes or light furniture into a front room, the movers won’t have to take the time to clear it from where it originally was. Make sure to keep a clear path so that the movers will be able to maneuver to the items that they need.


Secure The Closest Possible Parking Location

Making sure that your moving truck will be able to pull right up where it needs to be can save a lot of time. For one thing, the movers won’t have to try to find parking elsewhere, which takes up some time on its own. For another thing, if they are in the closest possible spot, each trip out to the truck will take less time. In certain situations, this can mean saving a few hours of moving time!

If you have general on-street parking, make an effort to notify your neighbors of when you will be moving. You may require parking permits, depending on where you are located. If possible, try to use your own vehicle as a space saver for the best spot, and that way you know that nobody else will be in the spot that you need.

If you follow this guide, you will definitely save money on your move. Use your judgement in knowing when to handle something on your own and when it might be a better idea to leave it to the professionals.

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