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Moving House: Helping Everyone Settle in Their New Home

Moving home leaves a lot to be done. From getting packed up and transferring your services to the new house, to arranging new schools for the kids and finding out where the nearest doctors is, getting settled at a new address is a tough job for any family. To make your move easier on you and the members of your household, here are a few tips to help get you moving with less stress.

The move itself

Start early: The sooner you start packing, the quicker you’ll be able to see the wood for the trees. Don’t underestimate how much there is to do, but don’t get overwhelmed either. Try to pack one box a day and to get rid of as much clutter as you can to make the move easier.

Book your transport: Whether you are going for a man and van service, a self-drive hire van or a full removals company, get them booked in for your preferred moving date as soon as possible. Bookings can be Changed if that date changes later, but secure your preferred date straight away, particularly if it is on a weekend.

Use good boxes: The importance of sturdy packing boxes cannot be stressed enough. As tempting as it is to collect old boxes from supermarkets and shops, these are not of a good enough quality to cope with most moves. To protect your stuff and get your move done more easily, get proper packing boxes from your removers, or hire plastic packing crates for your move.

The kids

Have a weekend away: Before the move goes ahead, make a weekend of it and take the kids to their new area. Take them to the parks and beautiful spots in the local area, and find out if they can visit their new schools before the move to the new area.

Let them say goodbye: See if you can get their best friends together at the old house to say goodbye before you go. Buy your kids a notebook each and encourage them to collect email addresses and phone numbers of old mates so they can keep in touch once they’ve moved.

Sweeten the deal: Take the moving process as an opportunity to revamp their room. This may mean moving from a toddler bed to a big kid’s bed, or going into a high sleeper for instance. Buying them a few new bits and pieces can really help them to feel better about the new house, and enjoy settling into their new home.

The pets

Collect them up early: Never underestimate the power of a cat to hide itself incredibly well, or to wander off right when you’re ready to make a move. Pets can sense the unsettling nature of a move and will often take the opportunity to go missing, so collect them up first thing in the morning and put them in a secure room or animal crate to avoid issues later on.

Travel them with you: Keep your pets in the car with you, and as soon as you get to the new house get them out and settle them in a secure room with their bed, food and toys. Kitchens or utility rooms can be good for this as they usually have wiped, clean floors in case of any accidents.

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